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Did Meghan Markle and Prince Harry really have a "summer of hell"?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been in the limelight for years, but this year was particularly notable for the royal couple. After welcoming their son, Archie Harrison, in early May, they both faced the worst setbacks and the biggest public relations of their lives.

Now that the summer is over and Duchess Meghan is back from maternity leave, the couple likes to look at what lies ahead. Recently, a royal insider has opened up to clarify what made their summer so difficult and whether they are now outraged by the media.

Meghan Markle's Wimbledon Scandal

  Manipulation by Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle, | J. Conrad Williams, Jr. / Newsday on Getty Images

At the beginning of July, Markle seldom appeared publicly at Wimbledon to watch tennis and spend an afternoon. Still, it was not long before fans and critics alike were angry at their actions. Or rather the actions of her security team.

When bystanders attempted to take a few pictures of Markle, her safety occurred and told the fans that pictures were not allowed because Markle was "private". The negativity in the media in the days after the incident was intense.

Celebrities, media professionals, and royal observers alike were upset that Markle would not be more open to photos, and she was even called "smart" for banning images. All in all, it was a pretty dreadful return to the public forum, and the incident would set the tone for the following months.

Prince Harry is referred to as a "false activist".

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Today, during the opening event of the new global initiative "Travalyst," the Duke of Sussex shared his remarks on the exciting new initiative from Amsterdam. # Travalyst, an initiative led by The Duke and founded by Booking.com, Ctrip, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor and Visa, sees an urgent need for increased collaboration to prioritize sustainability as part of our overall travel experience – and we believe that collective Cooperative action is important will be crucial to achieve this. The travel and tourism sector is constantly growing and contributes significantly to the world in which we live today. The Duke sees it as one of the world's biggest problems, but believes that this partnership can become one of his biggest solutions: • By 2030, 1.8 billion trips will be made each year, and since 2000, travel has increased More than Doubling Around the World – 71% of world travelers believe that travel companies should offer more sustainable options – $ 8.8 trillion was generated last year from travel and tourism for the global economy – 57% of all international travel will become destinations by 2030 in emerging markets with which we want to work closely Local communities and vendors are leveraging technologies to scale sustainable supply and meet growing consumer demand in the mass market. This makes it easier for consumers to identify, book and enjoy sustainable travel opportunities of all kinds. Click on our link in Bio to read today's full speech by the Duke of Sussex] It is no secret that Prince Harry and Markle are both passionate about protecting the environment. The two have devoted a lot of time and attention to various charities focused on tackling the effects of global warming. Throughout the summer, Prince Harry intensified his efforts by speaking and performing on various environmental awareness conventions.

Nevertheless, he was sharply criticized when he made several private jet flights, including one with Duchess Meghan to Elton John's lavish estate. The fans called Prince Harry a hypocrite and a "false activist".

This was not the end of the criticism Prince Harry received over the summer. He also got a backlash because he claimed that he and Markle would only have a maximum of two children because of the possible negative impact on the environment. Many people felt that his words were repugnant to his older brother, Prince William, who has three children.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry look to the future

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We are pleased to announce today details of the forthcoming tour of Duke and Duchess of Sussex to Africa! • In just two weeks, her Royal Highnesses will embark on this official journey, focusing on community, grassroots leadership, women's and girls' rights, mental health, HIV / AIDS and the environment. This program has taken many months and the Duke and Duchess are keen to focus their energies on the great work in Southern Africa. From meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu to attending Waves for Change on Monwabisi Beach, the South Africa program will be educational and inspiring. The Duke is particularly proud to continue his mother's legacy with her work in Angola as he rejoins Halo Trust to liberate the landmine world. HRH will also travel to Malawi to learn about the British Army's partnership with African Parks and assist local communities. The Duke is particularly proud to be able to deliver an exciting new initiative, a Commonwealth Canopy partnership with three countries, designed and advised with governments in Namibia, Botswana and Angola to protect the forest and wildlife corridors around the Okavango Delta , The Duchess will work with local organizations to promote the health and education of women and girls, entrepreneurship and leadership. With such a structured culture and history, their Royal Highnesses are grateful for the opportunity to connect with local people in Southern Africa, to be inspired by the work they have done and to learn how to better serve them. As President and Vice President of the Commonwealth Trust in Queens and its role as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, Duke and Duchess can not wait to meet with young leaders who are transforming and contributing to the beauty of these Commonwealth countries. • "We look forward to seeing you soon ! "• Photo © ️ PA images / Tim Graham – Getty Images / @Sentebale / @ AfricanParksNetwork / @YouthAlert

An article by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (@sussexroyal) on

It may be the negativity that they themselves have experienced, or simply that they want to lead a more private life, but either way, Prince Harry and Markle seem determined, Archie Harrison Keep away from the limelight as much as possible.

This protective effect is another reason why royal insiders described the summer of 2019 as Markle and Prince Harry's "Summer of Hell." According to the report, the two are making headaches to the rest of the royal family as they strive to control the endless stream of negative media coverage.

Still, Markle and Prince Harry are not likely to sweat the hatred that much. After all, there's a big trip to Africa, a place that Prince Harry calls his "second home", and a place they both love and love.

Markle gets back on track and works on some high-profile projects that are close to her heart, such as the guest editor of the September issue of British Vogue . They are probably both too busy to spend too much time with the bad press. And in the world of kings there is no time to look back – only into the future.

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