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Did President Trump turn "Fox and Friends" upside down?

On May 21, 2019, in the middle of hearings by the House Judiciary Committee, Chairman Jerrold Nadler threatened to oust former White House attorney Donald F. McGahn for ignoring his defiance of a congressional summons – just days after Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin's entry had turned down a House referendum calling for President Trump's tax return – a graph of these events was circulated through social media.

This graphic is meant to be a screenshot of the Fox News Channel, documenting that the President was calling Fox & Friends for the morning program and became "ballistic" and declared that Democrats could "summon me and me" my government for the next 10, 1

5, 20 years and we will never surrender. "

" I'm responsible, this is my country and I'll do what I want, "Trump allegedly admitted with a clear conscience: 19659002]

But President Trump made no such statement Fox & Friends And many sharp-eyed viewers noticed that the screenshot, which allegedly documents the claim, did not agree with the standard Fox News Channel fonts and screen-text and chygron ringtones:

The screen crawls at the bottom of the picture and displays a statement about something that "threatens "suppressing unpopular ideas" and "manipulating the public debate by coercion rather than persuading them" "refers to a federal court ruling of April 25, 2019, which blocked the enforcement of a Texas law requiring state contractors to confirm that they do not boycott Israel.

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