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Did you hear the report on the North Korean leader, the $ 100 bill and the trump card?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, left, and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, right, smile as they watch a magical display at a banquet in the marginal village of Panmunjom in the demilitarized zone, South Korea, on April 27. 201

8. (Korea Summit Press Pool on AP)

What is so funny? And why does Moon hold Jae-in a $ 100 note?

There were many memorable images that emerged from the historic summit between the South Korean president and the North Korean leader on Friday. But one of those surprises is one (above) that clearly shows the two Korean leaders the time of their lives, Kim pointing his finger and the moon with Benjamin.

It turns out that there was a south A Korean magician invited to the banquet dinner at the end of the summit on Friday, an occasion where everyone felt funny after a joint statement with the word "denuclearization". Sure, it was vague and there were many details that needed to be worked out. but it's a welcome relief from the talk of military strikes a few months ago.

During dinner – when Kim appeared to quit smoking only once, but everything lay ahead – a magician came in to break the ice and make everyone laugh.

The magician (his name was not revealed) walked through the room of the guests and asked one of the South Koreans for some money. The South Korean official pulled out 50,000 won-worth-about $ 50-and gave it to the wizard, who promptly turned it into a one-dollar bill.

Over the course of the next few tricks, he turned him into a $ 10 note and then a $ 100 note, which he then handed to Moon, the South Korean president, Hankyoreh newspaper reports several participants. There were no reporters in the room at the time, only official photographers, so the events had to be put together by the people in the room.

A South Korean exclaimed at laughter: "No further exports from the north are needed in Korea, you can just make money with magic!" This part of the story came from Park Jie-won of the Democratic Peace Party.

Maybe that was the comment that caused Kim to lift her finger and smile.

There were also card tricks. What exactly the trick is, we do not know. But at some point, the magician went to Kim Yong Chol, the former North Korean intelligence chief, now in charge of relations with the South, who is also under sanctions from the US for his involvement in North Korea's nuclear program.

But we know that it was Kim Yong Chol who held the trump card. And yes, the Korean for "trump card" is "trump card" – so wordplay works in both languages.

That obviously caused a lot of cheerfulness at the table.

That could have been at least partially fueled. through alcohol.

The liquor for the banquet including Moonbaesul, a super premium brand of soju, Korea's beloved rice brandy, with a 40 percent alcohol content, and Myunchun tu-gyun, a wine with "notes of azalea petals and glutinous rice," states the ad ,

Kim Jong Un "did not refuse the liquor during the nearly three-hour dinner," participants said, speaking to local media. "Kim Jong Un voluntarily accepted each drink and drank each glass up," said one of the Dong-a Ilbo, using the Korean expression to drink a glass at a time.

But the North Korean leader reported to have been smoldering During his meeting in Pyongyang last month, which he held during a meeting for the Friday summit agreement, he was over-smoked by his wife to only smoke a cigarette during the banquet smoke.

He went to smoke around 8 pm on an ashtray that the South Korean organizers had set up for him. That was the only time Kim smoked on the day of the summit.

"We have heard that Kim Jong Un was a heavy smoker," the Korea Herald reported, citing a president-office official. "But we could see that he did not smoke in public, considering the symbolism of the inter-Korean summit and the number of South Korean and North Korean officials."

Hopefully nobody had a hangover on Saturday. [19659022] Min Joo Kim in Seoul contributed to this report.

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