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Dinesh D & # 39; souza, filmmaker pardoned by Trump, shares tweets with hashtag #BurntheJews

A conservative filmmaker pardoned by President Donald Trump has been charged with retouching Twitter posts with hashtags #burntheJews and #bringbackslavery.

Right-wing commentator Dinesh D & # 39; Souza, who ridiculed the Parkland School survivors, proposed prosecuting Rosie O & #; Donnell for her campaign donations, was pardoned by Trump in May.

He was sentenced to five years probation with eight months probation in a community jail or halfway to confession against a nationwide indictment for illegal campaign donations in 2014.

 RTR3Q10M Dinesh D & # 39; s Souza was urged to broadcast news with racist Retweet hashtags. Reuters

D & # 39; Souza found himself at the center of a Twitter controversy over the weekend, after returning messages containing his movie Death of a Nation, whose trailers were promoted, Trump compares to Abraham Lincoln – when the users noticed that they contained very offensive hashtags.

The first tweet shared by D & # 39; Souza that contained the #burntheJews hashtag was discovered and widely used by Twitter users, prompting the experts to say: I did not see the hashtag. I tried to share the trailer in social media.

His claim that he just did not recognize the hashtag was not well received by Twitter, and many users expressed disbelief that the filmmaker might have missed the offensive phrase.

"Do not worry, Dinesh," they wrote. "Everyone is inadvertently chanting #burnthejews about their vile racist fans. Could happen to anyone. I'm sure it does not say who you're wearing with your messaging. "

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