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Dish supports US lawsuit against AT & T, threat to Sling TV

AT & T Inc.'s acquisition of Time Warner Inc. could overtake Dish Network Corp.'s competitors. Sling TV, a manager of the streaming service featured in the US government's antitrust lawsuit to block the US administration

Warren Schlichting, president of Sling, said on Monday the deal would make it harder for Dish to negotiate for Time Warner programming and not be able to see subscribers seeing content like CNN if they can not agree. That would cost Dish and Sling subscribers who would likely switch to their main rival, AT & Ts DirecTV, he said.

"It would be a heavy bleeding," he said of subscriber losses. "And most of these subs would come to their advantage."

Schlichting is a government official who supports the Justice Department's case that AT & T's acquisition of Time Warner would harm new services such as Sling, which compete with expensive pay-TV packages for smaller numbers of TV channels online. The government says AT & T is slowing down the industry's transition to streaming and protecting expensive pay-TV packages it offers through DirecTV. Schlichting will be reviewed on Tuesday by AT & T.

Tough Talks

The executive said that while the negotiations with Time Warner are now tough, the two sides are at least in a "mutual headlock" where every company ultimately needs a deal. Time Warner has to sell his programming, and Dish has to be programmed to attract subscribers.

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