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Dismissal no later than: Transcript released for State Department officials

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent said these measures contributed to his decision not to talk about Giuliani in the run up to the phone call between President Donald Trump and the Ukrainian President in July. With regard to Ukraine, the legislator said in his deposition last month that he had no one with him speaking in the state to express his concern over Giuliani, as he had previously been ordered to "keep my head down" after Giuliani had attacked him by name, legislators in his deposition last month that he was not with anyone in the state spoke to express his concern over Giuliani because he had been ordered to "bow down" after Giuliani's attacks by name.

Partly because after Giuliani attacked me and the then US ambassador to the Ukraine, Marie, Yovanovitch and the entire embassy, ​​in his interview at the end of May I was told to lower my head and profile in the Ukraine Lowering, "Kent According to a transcript of the interview published on Thursday, it was said in October.

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Kent said, then-US Special Representative for Ukraine, Kurt Volker, told him in July that he was dealing with the interview Giuliani because of Giuliani's "influence on the president in terms of the way the president thought Ukraine"

"And I think at this time that this for anyone who worked on the subject, of course, and therefore, "It made sense to hire the mayor," Kent said about Volker.

Kent's statement sheds additional light on Volker's thoughts when he collaborated with Giuliani and the US Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, to announce an investigation to Ukraine, which included the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma and the United States US Election 201

6. Kent said that in July he asked Volker why he wanted to turn to Giuliani, given Giuliani's public efforts to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his attacks on Yovanovitch.

"And Kurt's reaction or response to that was, well, if there's nothing, what does it matter, and if there's something, it should be investigated," Kent said. "My answer to him was to ask another country to take action against a prosecution for political reasons."

Volker told Kent that it was worthwhile to get in touch with Giuliani because he had influence on the President's thoughts on Ukraine.

"What I understood was that Kurt thought tactically and I was strategically concerned," said Kent

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Kent's testimony added another voice to the case that Giuliani manipulated US foreign policy to the political advantage of Trump. This was one of the main allegations in the whistleblower complaint that triggered the impeachment investigation. Giuliani claims he only helped his client.

Kent resigned privately to the legislature of the House of Representatives on October 15. He was summoned even though the US State Department had ordered that it not cooperate with the Congress that Kent hurried to the defense of Yovanovitch earlier this year when she was the target of attacks by Giuliani and other Trump allies. Top officials asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to defend Yovanovitch, but he said nothing, and she was withdrawn from office in May supervising the activities of Foreign Ministry for six countries, including Ukraine. Kent is one of 15 current and former officials of the Trump administration, who have so far made statements in camera in the investigation. His transcript is the sixth that the Democrats have released.

This story was updated on Thursday with additional developments.

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