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Disney + customers with hacking issues as accounts in the Dark Web deadline

There is no cyber crime in a distant galaxy. On planet Earth, the fight is real and Disney is experiencing it this week.

Soon after the launch of Disney, thousands of customers claim to have hacked their accounts.

According to research by the Zdnet tech site, hackers have stolen thousands of customer accounts and put them up for sale on the Dark Internet. Many customers claim to have been waiting for hours to recover their accounts, but without a solution.

Hackers sell Disney + accounts for only $ 3. The BBC also found several hacked customer accounts on the dark internet for sale.

Many customers said they used new user IDs and passwords when setting up their accounts, but online data analysts indicated that some accounts were stolen because users use the same passwords for different websites. Disney + does not have two-factor authentication that can protect against cyber attacks such as identity theft.

Some users also expressed concerns that they can access the Disney store and Disney theme park accounts with the same Disney + login. [1

9659002] Disney Told Us " Disney takes the protection and security of our users' data very seriously, and there is no evidence of a security breach at Disney +." The studio detects suspicious activity, we were told.

In the digital age, bankruptcies are a relatively common plague for the other streamer and their customers.

Last week, Disney launched its competition with Netflix and Amazon Prime in the US, Canada and the Netherlands. The studio claims to already have 10 million subscribers. The monthly registration costs $ 7. The first day of the service reported technical problems in social media.

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