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Disney's Aladdin sequel The return of Jafar was only due to Iago

Twenty-five years ago, Disney ventured into new territory what we now know as a corporate, cultural monolith dominating the global box office and an important unit in the upcoming streaming wars. The company released its first original episode of a "Disney Renaissance" tantalum video clip: The Return of Jafar.

The first of two episodes of the most profitable film of 1992. Jafar's return also acted as a pilot for the television series Aladdin which ran over three seasons of 86 episodes. Disney commissioned Alan Zaslove and Tad Stones to bring Al, Jasmine, Genie, and Apu to the screen, and both were more than just the creative forces behind Chip Dale: Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck . However, before the first screenplays were written and lines were drawn, Stones wanted to get another figure into the ensemble.

"I said I'd like to have the parrot there," Stones recalled Animation World Network from his first pitch to Disney. "I thought the best character in the movie was Gilbert Gottfried's Iago."

Of all the characters, Stones wanted the big mouth, the brazen red macaw in the series. In order to do that, they would first have to turn Iago from a sarcastic, dingy, deceitful stooge into a sarcastic, dingy, deceitful hero. Then there was, of course, the fact that Iago was sitting in the lamp with Jafar, both thrown out of Agrabah at the height of Genie's first movie, after the wise magic of Jafar had fulfilled his last wish to become an omnipotent genius – a burden Minute trick by Aladdin, playing the egoism of the bad guys. To accomplish both achievements, Stones said he, Zaslove, and the rest of the writing team "brought in a kinky story that explained everything and was finally The Return of Jafar ."

One year after the events of the original film the return of Jafar takes place and Aladdin and Jasmine are still happily in love. The former street rat and his monkey now live in the palace. Jasmine's father, the sultan, plans to make Aladdin his new royal vizier, the position once held by the sinister Jafar. If life was not already good enough for Al, Genie returns from his journey around the world and realizes that with his newfound freedom he really wants to lead a life among his friends.

Jafar is unknown to the Agrabah Avengers and escaped. With the help of a modest thief, Abis Mal (Jason Alexander) plans to take revenge on Aladdin and his friends.

  iago and genie in return for jafar

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Though it is Jafar's name in the title and is a sequel to Aladdin ROJ is truly the History of Iago. The main arc of the film is Iago, who turns over a new pen. joined Aladdin and his friends to defeat his former boss. He rescues Aladdin at the beginning of the film, releasing genius after being captured and enthralled by Jafar (in the film's only good music sequence), who then prevents Al from being beheaded. and it is Iago who gives Jafar the final blow by throwing his oily black lamp into the lava pit created by Jafar to stop Jafar from landing a deadly blow on Aladdin. Without Iago, there is no story.

A sequel to Aladdin was about as certain that there was a hit in 1994, the sequel to a big hit in which Disney made enough money with goods and video sales to make a few Caves of Wonders to fill. However, there were some concerns from the house of the mouse.

Although always intended as a full-length story, Return of Jafar was first to be premiered on television, which was billed as a special offer for advertising the new series. There was also concern that direct video access could affect the animated features.

"At the time, I was told that Peter Schneider, who was responsible for feature animation, was at a meeting with Michael Eisner," Stones said in a separate AWN interview. Peter said, "They should not do sequels, their quality harms the reputation of Disney. Michael said, "I'm not sure we should do that too. "These fears dissipated as sales of the first week arrived.

The return of Jafar sold 1.5 million copies in the first two days of publication, more than 4.6 million at the end of the first week. In total, The Chicago Tribune reported that 15 million copies were sold, bringing Disney $ 300 million, which was equivalent to a budget of $ 3.5 million ( Aladdin cost $ 28 million) everything happened without Robin Williams, the late actor had an altercation with Disney over his character's excessive commercialization in Aladdin's marketing . He was replaced by Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson), Williams would return for the third film, Aladdin and the King of Thieves .

When Disney saw a new way to earn a lot of money, it started on the Gr andlage of all its theatrical titles by 2008 directly to video features (we have even made a list of them). While Stones admits he's not a fan of the movie ("I do not even own a copy," he said to AWN ), he's still an important movie in Disney's history and animation as a whole. A movie that sparked a successful trend and that we got into a loud, disgusting parrot because of a man's love.

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