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Dissolving Sigma's Weapons, Abilities and Ultimate • The Playhouse

It's official, Sigma is Overwatch's 31st and newest hero . When the announcement went into operation with Seagull, fans could see a taste of his weapon, his abilities and his ultimate, and learn a bit more about who Sigma really is. Now that you've learned more details about the new character, here's a deeper look into his complete kit and its potential impact on the current Overwatch Meta.

Weapon: Hyperspheres

These bullets are projectiles that bounce off walls and implode in a short time and also have a small amount of blast damage. Landing both on direct hits inflicts 120 damage.

Shield: Experimental Barrier

Shield can be deployed and dropped at high speed, allowing players to turn, shield, and pan quickly from any angle. It has 1

500 hp.

Abilities: Enrichment and Kinetic Grasping

Enrichment: This ability summons a mass and hurls it at the enemy, causing a significant amount of damage.

Kinetic Grasping: This ability absorbs incoming damage and turns it into a sigma shield. It can cast damage to up to 800 health points / shields for Sigma.

Ultimate: Gravitic Flux

Sigma's Ultimate hurls a character into the air, holding him for a second, then slamming him for damage. In the meantime Sigma floats in the air and can move far away from the fight.

First Thoughts

Jeff confirmed from the stream that this hero would actually be Mauga until they started to build the kit for Sigma, which seems to be more of a major intellectual armor than Mauga. Sigma seems to be an armored hero who is destined to severely destroy bunker metas (and possibly strengthen them in defense) and be an exciting novelty in Heroes' list. It will take some time to fit into the game. It is expected to go into operation in mid-August.

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