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Do not buy a third-party dock for your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo advises the switch console owners to stick to the gaming device's proprietary docking station and guard against third-party alternatives. Since the Switch was introduced a year ago, a number of companies have produced docks that connect to TVs and let you play on a big screen. Some are smaller and sleeker than Nintendo's, which makes them more attractive when traveling. They are often much less expensive than the $ 70 Dock and $ 90 Dock Set sold by Nintendo.

But it's a questionable idea to trust your $ 300 Nintendo switch to a third-party dock that carries a significant amount of risk. Especially the people who bought Nykos third-party dock have reported a number of problems. Some switch devices stop charging permanently while others get stuck in a boot loop or become empty and are completely bricked up after use. Not everyone will face these unexpected consequences, but there are plenty of nasty reviews on merchant websites and frustrated reddit posts to convince themselves that it's worth spending a bit more on Nintendo's licensed product. Other unlicensed docks like this one from Insignia have better reviews, but you can still find cases where they do not work properly.

As noted by Kotaku reports from damaged consoles seem to have started up after Nintendo was recently upgraded Switch to software version 5.0. Here is a great reddit thread about the current state of the country. "Unlicensed products and accessories are not subject to Nintendo's testing and evaluation process," the company said in a statement Kotaku . "They may not work with our gaming systems at all, and they may have compatibility issues with certain games, the Nintendo Switch system itself, and other licensed accessories and peripherals." This general explanation does not specifically refer to docks, but you get the point.

However, these issues are not new for the latest software. The main Nintendo Switch Reddit regularly sees PSAs from people encouraging others to avoid their fate (and lost parades) by eliminating those brand docks. Nintendo is aggressively trying to maintain the security of the switch and keep modders away. If you mix that with third-party products and the delicate state of all USB-C devices, then we have some headaches.

Hopefully things will settle down in the second year and the smoke from bricked / overheated switches will clear out an affordable take-anywhere dock that we can confidently recommend.

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