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Do original Avengers surprise camouflage in upcoming movies?

The Meaning of Death in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a philosophy that we wish it to exist in real life, where there is almost always the possibility of resurrection. In which form artificial intelligence sometimes becomes full-blooded again.

We have not seen much of the latter (with the exception of Jarvis, the butler), though rumored Tony Stark may in some cases come alive again with Artificial Camouflage later.

Of course, the MCU can also go the old-fashioned route and resort to flashbacks to bring back some of the deceased superheroes who died in Avengers: Endgame.

Every MCU fan wants to know if his favorite superhero who has "died" will at least return in cameos, either in Phase Four or beyond.

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We know who will appear in "Spider-Man: Far From Home"

. Far From Home This July, you can count on Nick Fury to play a prominent role as a new, reluctant mentor to Peter Parker.

Of course, Parker / Spider-Man itself is an avenger and will point the way into this new, somewhat millennial, phase, which will move into the fourth phase, over who might return. What we know so far is that Black Widow is getting her own solo film, which is expected to launch the next phase next year.

In our eyes, this could ignite the new wave in a positive and inclusive way. Note, however, that other Avengers may return to us either in future solo attempts or in short scenes.

The ways in which the main Avengers return are still too early to guess. All we can do is assure that an icon will not stay in retirement forever.

Of the legendary Avengers, we may only see a few films as separate efforts.

Black Panther is today one of the greatest Avengers icons and he survived (or became alive again) in Endgame . A Black Panther 2 is expected in Phase 4, but it is realistic to believe that we will see it in either cameos or even more solo films.

You can do the same thing about Ant Man and the Wasp. All expectations assume that Ant-Man will have their own solo sequel in the next few years. We are pleased that this brings back the cheeky side of the MCU, as Deadpool helped maintain it independently.

Part of this sassy side will also manifest in . Guardians of the Galaxy 3 already on the plan for the near release horizon. Whether it takes place after Endgame or at another time is unknown, considering that contemporary history in the MCU is now a bit confused, including the time travel in the mix.

Thanks to the latter, which opens alternative universes It is worth to investigate the possibility of a creative return of the dead avengers.

We were able to see all the original avengers in cameos down the line.

With all the money that the MCU has generated for each stakeholder involved, right? I think the stars we've seen in the last eleven years will not play their roles again. These could be short cameos rather than full rolls. But who says what the MCU will give us after the end of the fourth phase (or during this phase)?

To close the circle, one day we might see older versions of the original Avengers to offer them another satisfying finale. It would also be fun to put them in cameos in the Millennial MCU movies and give emotional ties to phases 1 through 3.

Everyone will want to see Tony Stark again, no matter if he's in artificial intelligence. Suppose that Thor, Hulk, and Captain America / Steve Rogers have the same popularity.

The older version of the latter may need to hit on his younger self to let us know that Cap & # 39; s story could still be interesting if Chris Evans ever wanted to revisit the role.

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