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Do you still want to boycott Israel? Israeli scientists find remedies for cancer, report says

For all Israel haters out there, they should hope the Israelis forgive if they suffer from cancer, because if a new Israeli report turns out to be true, then scientists in the Jewish state have discovered a cure. And not just a cure for certain forms of cancer, but a complete cure of the deadly disease .

According to Dan Aridor, CEO of Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd. (AEBi) and CEO Dr Ilan Morad, their treatment does not take time for the body to adapt to it before it works. Aridor stated, "We believe we will provide a complete cure for cancer in one year. … Our cancer cure is effective from the first day … and has no or minimal side effects at significantly lower cost than most other treatments available on the market. Our solution will be both general and personal.

As the Jerusalem Post reports, "It is estimated that 1

8.1 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed worldwide each year, according to reports by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Every sixth death worldwide is due to cancer, the second leading cause of death (after cardiovascular disease).

The treatment is referred to as MuTaTo (Multi-Target Toxin) and works much like antibiotics do in fighting bacteria. MuTaTo is based on SoAP technology, which works by finding, binding and removing bacteria from proteins derived from bacteriophage proteins. Bacteriophages are viruses that infect bacteria.

MuTaTo inserts DNA encoding a protein into a bacteriophage. Once the protein is inside the phage, it becomes visible on the surface of the phage. This makes it clear to researchers who can use the phage to find interactions with other proteins, DNA sequences and small molecules. In contrast to Nobel Prize scientists George Smith and Gregory Winter from 2018, who used phage display to develop new proteins or antibodies, the Israelis produce peptides that Morad says are better suited to the job as they are smaller, less expensive and less difficult are manage.

Morad said the company's first efforts involved trying to find "individual novel peptides for certain cancers". Then he and his colleague Dr. Hanan Itzhaki, going broke. He explained that most anticancer drugs target a specific target on or in the cancer cell, but they often trigger a mutation that renders the drug ineffective. But, as the Jerusalem Post notes, MuTato uses "a combination of multiple cancer-targeting peptides for each cancer cell simultaneously, combined with a potent peptide toxin that would specifically kill cancer cells."

Morad said the company's technology "ensured that treatment was not affected by mutations; Cancer cells can mutate so that targeted receptors are dropped by the cancer … The likelihood of having multiple mutations that simultaneously modify all target receptors decreases dramatically with the number of targets used. Instead of attacking the receptors individually, we attack the receptors one at a time. Not even cancer can mutate three receptors simultaneously. "

Morad said MuTato attacks multiple targets and destroys the cancer-targeted proteins. Morad also said that the peptide parts of MuTaTo are tiny and flexible, they can penetrate areas that other medicines do not reach. He stated, "This should in most cases render the entire molecule non-immunogenic and would allow repeated administration of the drug."

Morad said the treatment could reduce the side effects that often arise from cancer treatments that are associated with either the wrong or another active ingredient, additional goals, or the right targets on healthy cells. Aridor concluded: "Our results are consistent and repeatable."

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