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Doc Rivers loved Knicks' Porzingis trade for a number of reasons

LOS ANGELES – Doc Rivers had made no secret of his love for Kristaps Porzingis, who had once tweeted with three smiling emojis "LA Clippers" January 31. In addition to Cap Space, the Knicks have inherited one of Rivers' most beloved players at veteran center DeAndre Jordan, who was supposed to play with a sprained ankle at Staples Center on Sunday.

"I think they know what they are doing," Rivers said of the Knicks before the matinee started. "Who knows why, but I feel they know what they are doing. Porzingis said he did not want to be there. I understand that. If you want to be with the team, that's great. If you do not … I thought Steve [Mills] and Scott [Perry] would have handled it very well.

The Knicks created a cap-space for two Max players this summer. Some view Los Angeles as days later at the close.

The Clippers gave their best player, Long Island's expected free agent Tobias Harris, and are about to have two max slots with Kawhi Leonard is the favorite in La La Land.

The Clippers are considered the biggest threat to the Knicks when they sign Kevin Durant when he leaves Golden State.

Rivers coached Jordan for five seasons. When he took over as Clippers coach in 201

3/14, Rivers announced that the management warned him against Jordan's attitude. Rivers had never revealed that management was worried about Jordan.

"Our first meeting is what I remember most," said Rivers. "The year before [management] told me all these things. Literally, I set up my meeting and they said, "Good luck with that. This meeting lasts 20 minutes and you want to move it. "

" We sit down and I shove him this newspaper with all the goals he wanted to achieve – All Defense, Defense Captain, Olympics, and I Bill Russell underneath. The only one he did not achieve was World Champion – that was the only wish [he wished] he had got over everyone, but most of them he had.

Jordan was a stroke of luck for Mitchell Robinson and as a mentor others agreed to let the March 1st deadline pass without a buyout. The 30-year-old has missed the last four games with a sprained ankle, but was able to return to Sacramento on Monday. The Knicks are considering how to sign Jordan again.

"He was huge," said David Fizdale. "Overall, our voices have changed since he's in the gym. More guys are talking. He has added a whole new element to the team.

Rivers was also asked to think about the 1992-93 trade in which he was traded from Clippers to Knicks.

"This trade has changed my life," Rivers said. "I had no thoughts Coaching, I swear, if I never play for Pat Riley, I'm never a coach, I really believe that, the trade has done a lot for me. "

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