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"Doctor Sleep" will cost up to $ 1.5 million on Thursday night – Box Office – Deadline

Warner Bros. The sequel to Shining Doctor Sleep received $ 1.5 million from performances that began at 18:00 last night. The R-Rated image, which runs 2 1/2 hours, is lower than the $ 2.75 million New Lines Curse of La Llorona made, and lower than Paramount's reboot of Stephen King's Pet Sematary during the Easter / Spring holiday period, during which $ 2.3 million was transacted. Estimates for the inaugural weekend of Doctor Sleep which was in the mid-50 million USD range before P & A costs, are in the $ 25 million to $ 30 million range and are now expected to be lower after this preview. Remember, it's a pure 4-day weekend when Veterans Day falls on Monday.

In the post-era of the feature adjustments of King's Canon Doctor Sleep is 75% fresh on rotten tomatoes, a grade higher than the newest 63% fresh. Horror fans usually come first to these pictures and Screen Engine / Comscores PostTrak showed 4 stars last night and a 56% recommendation that is solid. The film, with a rating of over 85%, was more appealing to the 35-strong audience, which reached 41

%. Broken-down quads are men 25+ with 42% (class 79%), women 25+ with 29% (class 77%), women under 25 who are typical Genrefans, and men under 15% (class 60%) 25 in 14% (88% degree). Pic is still playing at 3,855. PostTrak exits for Doctor Sleep were higher than for Pet Sematary for which 2 1/2 stars were awarded. The King picture showed men over 25 (33%) and women over 25 (24%), but more young people with men under 25 (22%) and women under 25 (20%).



PG-13 from Lionsgate / AGC Studios Midway Draw at previews at 2,600 locations at 19 o'clock. Pic's 12 Strong which closed at $ 900,000 from 7:00 pm to 7:00 pm and opened an opening weekend of $ 15.8 million, is expected to match pic's Thursday night. Midway also shows a higher preview than the Hacksaw Ridge ($ 750,000, $ 15.2 million opening, $ 67.2 million domestic final) Deepwater Horizon (860 USD) K Previews, $ 20.2 Million Opening, $ 61.4 Million Finale) and Michael Bay's 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghhazi ($ 900,000, $ 16 , 1 million opening, $ 52.8 million). The film directed by Roland Emmerich is expected to bring in $ 12 million to $ 14 million this weekend. Only 3 1/2 stars at PostTrak with a definitive recommendation of 52%. Demos are men 25+ (52%), women 25+ (30%), men under 25 (13%) and women under 25 (5%). [19659014] Last Christmas "width =" 296 "height =" 166 "data-lazy-src =" https://pmcdeadline2.files.wordpress.com/2019/10/2518_t1_00030r-e1572037962326.jpg?w=296&h=166&crop = 1 "/>


Universal Last Christmas made $ 575K last night from 7:00 pm shows in 2,700 movie theaters. Pic today is at 3,448 Venues extended.The expectations for Paul Feig's romantic comedy were in the mid teens, with the expectation that they would be ahead Midway . With these low night numbers and a 3-star rating, this opening could be smaller. Maybe more women will come out tonight, since last night PostTrak has earned 3 stars, a rating of 68% from 63% of the women who showed up, while men (37%) enjoy the picture a little more (73%). The breakdown after demo versions is distributed only when damned En ticket sales for the romantic comedy Henry Golding-Emila Clarke were higher: women over 25 with 40% (70%), women under 25 with 23% (64%), men over 25 25 (76% class) and men under 25 at 15% (69% class). The hope is that this holiday film gets a multiple of the season. B.O. The comparison here is Paramount's Instant Family whose preview was $ 550,000, resulting in an opening of $ 14.5 million.

Paramount's John Cena Comedy Playing With Fire also had a preview of 7pm last night. We wait for it. Pic attracted 60% families and 40% general public last night. Children under the age of 12 like the movie with 4 1/2 stars, with girls being 55% to 45% of the boys. Adults wish they were in a different place, where the parents gave 2 stars and the general public 3 stars. Overall, the audience demos here were women under 25 (30%), men and women over 25 (24%) and men under 25 (23%).

Among the regular release images were Paramount / Skydance Media / Fox's Terminator: Dark Fate Carried $ 1.4M [Thursday] -16% against Wednesday and an estimated first week of $ 37.6 million . Warner Bros./Bron/Village Roadshows Joker saw 1.1 million USD -1% and a five-week staggering sum of 304.3 million USD . While Joker is the highest rated R-rated at the global box office on a $ 1 billion path, the film directed by Todd Phillips currently occupies sixth place on the domestic list by is crowned] Passion of Christ ($ 370.8 million). Who would have thought that the dark R-Rated DC villainage drama could be so high? Focus Features – Harriet saw 890,000 USD -4% on a first week of 16.2 million USD.

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