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Dodgers land Foreign Minister A. J. Pollock

Secretary of State AJ Pollock and the Los Angeles Dodgers have agreed to an agreement until there is a physical league source confirmed by ESPN.

The athletic first reported the agreement.

Los Angeles adds the best midfielder on the market to a team that was on the market

Pollock, 31

, hits .257 / .316 / .484 with 21 homers, 65 RBIs and 13 stolen bases in 113 Playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks last season, but he had missed almost two months with a broken left thumb. The injury was the latest in a series of them that prevented Pollock from playing more than 113 games in a single season since his outbreak of the 2015 All-Star tournament.

A.J.. Pollock is expected to be in the heart of the Dodgers this season. Mark J. Rebilas / USA TODAY Sports

Pollock's presence would expand the right-hander lineup Yasiel Puig and Matt Kemp in a trade where the Dodgers reached a pair of prospects from the Cincinnati Reds. While Cody Bellinger can play in midfield, Pollock allows him to move to his natural position when needed. The versatility of Los Angeles is one of the hallmarks, and though Bellock, Kike Hernandez and Chris Taylor could have been twisted in the middle, Pollock's lack of draw difference could make the Dodgers play everyday.

The signing will see the Dodgers on the verge of $ 206 million for the competitive record. At present, only the Boston Red Sox are passing the luxury tax, and after the Dodgers had fallen below last season, they would pay only 20 percent of their salary over the $ 206 million.

Pollock received $ 17.9 million Diamondbacks qualifying offer on November 2, but declined and opted instead for a freelance agency. If Pollock's deal amounts to more than $ 50 million, the Diamondbacks will receive a draft pick after the first round.

The National League Player of the Month in April, Pollock missed out on all but twelve games in 2016, having broken his elbow in a broken head slide at home in the team's final show game. In 2017, he missed almost two months with a groin injury.

His best season took place in 2015, when he reached 0.315 in 35 home races, 39 doubles and 39 stolen bases in 157 games and received his first All-Star appearance following the way. His 192 goals led all field players and he won his first Gold Glove for his outstanding defense. Pollock, Notre Dame's first choice in 2009, has a career of .881 kilometers with 74 homers, 264 RBIs and 367 runs in 637 major league games.

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