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Dodgers Nationals NLDS Game 4 Live Updates, Analytics, Scores

Fifth Inning (Nationals 5, Dodgers 1):

Max Scherzer has done his part to get as deep as possible into this game. He retired in the fifth round in a row and sat on 70 places to stare at the sixth place. He is about to navigate the flesh of the Dodgers Links Heavy Command for the third time.

Trea Turner and Anthony Rendon knocked out Dodgers reliever Julio Urías, and the second base knock brought the Nationals 2-1

in . They got their hits in a similar way, both waiting and waiting, until they apparently got what they wanted. They turned belt-high, within 96 miles per hour of fastballs, and fired them toward the left field. Howie Kendrick did too and the Dodgers came to fetch Urias because they did not want a left-hander to play against the nation's first base player, Ryan Zimmerman, who hits left-handers well.

It did not matter. The Dodgers went to right-handed Pedro Baez and Zimmerman squeezed a 1-0 fastball over the middle wall . In the shelter, the doer of all evil, Gerardo Parra, jumped like a child in Zimmerman's arms. The Nationals still have 12 outs to go.

Fourth Inning (Dodgers 1, Nationals 1):

Cody Bellinger, once the cool superstar of the Dodgers formation, led the fourth with a single right. He came in second, which could have been a close match if Trea Turner had prevented the throw of catcher Kurt Suzuki, but Max Scherzer made sure it did not matter. He knocked out two of the next three hits and let the other, Matt Beaty, fly to the left. The Nationals held the tie for another inning.

Kenta Maeda joined the Nationals in the fourth. He was at the bottom of the lineup, all right-handed, who suited him. He allowed right-handers only one slash of .158 / .219 / .316 this season. The only consolation for the Nationals was that Michael A. Taylor hit a slow scooter on third base, causing starter Max Scherzer to appear and move for the fifth time.

Third inning (Dodgers 1, Nationals 1):

The head of the line-up that the Nationals rushed to meet again did no damage against Max Scherzer in third. The experienced right-hander got two groundouts from Justin Turner and a flyball that looked scary but ended harmlessly in the middle of the left field.

Anthony Rendon hit a fastball deep into the left field. It looked like it was being promoted for a Grand Slam in the Bulls of the Nationals, but on the warning lane Dodgers outfield man let Matt Beaty in to catch the basket. Michael A. Taylor sprinted home to end the game and a stroke later, after Rich Hill overtook Juan Soto (the third step he had previously taken to a left-hander), was the Dodgers Starters failed. Manager Dave Roberts went to Kenta Maeda.

The Nationals did not make it anymore. Maeda made Howie Kendrick, who was without goals against him in six bats, gentle on third place.

Second inning (Dodgers 1, Nationals 0):

Max Scherzer allowed a double-off, but, as he often does in this scenario, he escaped the traffic jam without allowing a run. The strange move, however, brought two outs with it. The Nationals deliberately went to pitcher Rich Hill with Will Smith, the weak Dodgers catcher. The Nationals may have tried to force the Dodgers' hand and get them into a pinch hitter with runners in the scoring position at an early stage, but that usually took the advanced Dodgers just a beat further toward the heart of their lineup , Hill finally prevailed, but not before he taxed Scherzer for a six-pitch attack.

The Nationals have placed the leadoff runner in the posts nine times this off-season and have only scored four runs in those innings. The second was a perfect example of that. Howie Kendrick started the frame with a sharp single in the middle, but Ryan Zimmerman's strike-out and Kurt Suzuki's second grounded-in-a-double series game meant the Nationals still had nothing on the board.

First inning (Dodgers 1, Nationals 0):

The good news for the Nationals: Max Scherzer had more control over his fastball in the first game against the Dodgers. He hit the Brewers early at 98 and 99 miles an hour, but has now dropped back to 95-96. The Nationals will need him to stay as deep as they would like (seven or eight innings).

The worst: Scherzer's first inning bouts continued when Justin Turner allowed a homerun. with two defeats.

The Nationals offensive in Rich Hill faces the lightest test of the season. The 39-year-old left-hander has thrown 5 2/3 innings since June due to a strain on his left forearm. But the top of the line-up could not trigger anything in the first one, when Trea Turner, Anthony Rendon and Juan Soto all showed up or flown out.

Foreplay :

18:28: Alexander Ovechkin returned to the Nationals Park to vacate the ceremonial first place. National player Adam Eaton, a great ice hockey fan who often wears capitals in the clubhouse, got it. The left-hander threw it over the plate for a possible strike.

Game Information

NLDS Game 4: Los Angeles Dodgers at Washington Nationals (Dodgers Run 2-1)

When: 18:40 Eastern

Where: Washington National Park

TV: TBS. | Stream: TBS.com

Starters: Rich Hill (4-1, 2.45 ERA) vs. Max Scherzer (11-7, 2.92 ERA) The Washington Nationals season is on Announced Monday evening, and they turn to Ass Max Scherzer.

It does not matter that manager Dave Martinez's best bullpen plan, which relied on starters in relief, was blown up on Sunday night's -4 loss. It does not matter that the bats of the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 3 have awoken in a frightening way. It does not matter that the teams in off-season games, which were about to leave, before this season, when Scherzer began, were 0: 4. The only important thing is how the Nationals react.

The Nationals clubhouse was quiet on Sunday after the game, but nothing out of the ordinary. The players sat at their lockers and flipped through their cell phones. They showered, got dressed, and shuffled out. They repeated that they did not feel any extra pressure with their backs against the wall, because, to be honest, since the end of May. They expressed full confidence because they have jokers on the hill.

The experienced right-hander was not the overwhelming force he was in the first half of this season, but he has managed a stony start in the wild card game to give his team five innings of a three-run ball. The Nationals need more of him in Game 4 and have to jump on Rich Hill, perhaps the weakest starter they'll see in this postseason. The 39-year-old left-hander throws a fastball and a curveball and little else, and he missed three months of the season with a strained left forearm. He has made three starts since returning from the injury list, and although he has allowed a total of one pass, he has not held out for more than three innings or thrown up to 50 pitches.

The Nationals can bounce off the game early on and rummage around in a Dodgers bull that, as Sunday night featured with Joe Kelly in the sixth inning, is anything but Lockdown itself.



Joc Pederson RF

Max Muncy 1B

Justin Turner 3B

Cody Bellinger CF

Corey Seager SS

Matt Beaty LF

Gavin Lux 2B

Will Smith C

Rich Hill P

Treaner P


Adam Eaton RF

Anthony Rendon 3B

Juan Soto LF

Howie Kendrick 2B

Ryan Zimmerman 1B

Kurt Suzuki C

Michael A. Taylor CF

Max Scherzer P

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