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Does Andy Cohen believe that "OG Housewives" are to blame for their own drama?

After more than 12 years and 47 reunions, "It's time for you to avenge yourself for reunification" said Andy Cohen told the "OG Housewives" that he was a guest for his big two-part year would have. End "Watch What Happens Live" Extravaganza.

That meant Vicki Gunvalson ("RHOC"), Ramona Singer ("RHONY"), Nene Leakes ("RHOA"), Teresa Guidice ("RHONJ") and Kyle Richards ("RHOBH") each had the opportunity to turn the tables and put Andy in the limelight. In true "housewife" fashion, they took the opportunity to find out what he really thought of them and what a drama their life is, and the ratings of all those involved.

Until the end of the ordeal. Andy looked like he was sweating and complaining how hard it was to be grilled while everyone was staring at him. "That's brutal, that's really brutal," he said, squirming under her very sharp questions.

"Would you like us to ask you these questions for 1

2 hours, as you ask us?" Kyle asked with a wicked smile. Point taken.


Ramona started with the question of something that has become more of a sort of signature for her. Of all the "housewives" hours during the reunions, which ones have annoyed Andy the most?

"I would say almost every walkoff has annoyed me in the last few years because I just … you know that I like power through, I like to end it." Andy tried to explain what the production was itself. Reunion shows take most of the day to film, so we can not blame him.

"I was so annoyed with them, it's a setback in shooting," he continued about the recent strikes, "I do not think it's exciting, I do not like it." Vicki did not like that answer because she saw it as a copout, but it looked more like Andy was just about the drama of that gesture. It's a Waste of Time and It's Certainly Not a Novel


Kyle was referring to a very specific rabbit and honestly asked a question she already knew … we think she just wanted to talk about Kim laughs to give back the stuffed rabbit Lisa Rinna gave The rabbit lives today as one of the souvenirs in Andy's studio.

"I really thought I thought it was really funny and I could not stop laughing," Andy admitted. "And then, when I saw how angry Rinna was, I started to feel bad."

With the benefit of the story, however, he and Kim could laugh about the strange moment again, as Kim struggled, the rabbit to Lisa and explained that she did not feel good about giving it to her grandson because of her "bad energy". Sure, Kim. It was just pettiness. See you all.


Teresa Guidice was the first "housewife" to put Andy in the right place because of the drama in her life, forcing him to express his honest opinion. He often tries to stand above the fight during the reunions and not to ring, but that does not mean that he has no opinions.

And due to the winds that started here, he has some pretty strong and he really is not comfortable about sharing them. The ladies definitely had a great job to give them a sense of what they're going through when he's the one asking questions.

First, he stopped and said, "Wow, okay, okay, let me find out, I'll unpack that."

In his honor, Andy tactfully presented his truth and told Teresa, "I think, part of it I would like to say a little about you, but what I think is the problem that I and you think your brother is very similar to, and I think that you are both so passionate, I do not think you both take the stuff that the other says. "

And to Teresa's merit, she took the feedback pretty well, even if he said she should take possession of something.


Things did not go so smoothly for Vicki that she asked similar questions. She wanted to know who had made more mistakes in her friendship with Tamra Judge, but she was obviously not prepared for the possibility of a harsh answer. Did she really expect Andy to say that it was all Tamra?

"I think you repeat two very often," he said sincerely. "I think you are repeating many mistakes." At that point she became defensive, but Andy was not interested. "Whatever, you ask me, so I say."

Then he told her very clearly, "I think it's harder for you to take possession of some things."

Once again Vicki jumped immediately to their own defense, confirming what Andy said. "If I'm not mistaken, I will not take possession of anything that they claim to be wrong," she said as the other ladies burst out laughing.

CHICKEN OR EGG [19659006] Nene took a different path and did not ask how Andy took something she belonged to. Rather, he wanted to know who he thinks he is to blame for the fight between Kenya and Porsha. The confrontation with reunification in 2014 culminated in Kenya with 911 and Porsha for assault.

"Are you blaming Kenya for bringing the batterhorn or Porshia?" Nene asked Andy, causing him to squirm again. "That's such a good question and it's almost a chicken and an egg thing."

At this point, Andy admitted that he did not read the room as well as he probably did and how much Kenya should provoke to aggravate Porsha throughout the recording process (which, if you remember, is going on for 12 hours or so can).

Eventually, however, he came to the conclusion that Nene did not consent . "I think, because Porshia got up from the chair, that was the thing for me," he said, as Nene made a very disappointed face. "I understand that she was provoked, but she got up from the chair."

For him it seems to be a very black and white thing. Kenya spurred her on, but it was Porsha who got her under her skin. So, if someone who is being bullied snatches, is it the fault of the bat or the person who caught, or a combination of the two?

Yes, we can see why Andy wriggled under these questions, and why so many of the "housewives" have turned around under his crickets in all these reunion specials. Honestly, and we are not ashamed to admit it, they are sometimes more entertaining than the series that precedes them.

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