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Does Instagram collect data? Here's what you need to do if you care about your privacy

Considering that privacy concerns have become more prevalent in recent times, it is understandable that more and more social media users are wondering where the data reaches online platforms – and how they are being used. After Facebook released a statement on March 25 confirming that its Messenger app had saved call and text logs from Android phone users who shared their contact list, it's worth asking, like other related social media -Apps with the data work users give them the right to have. One of the questions I've been wondering lately is whether or not Instagram collects data, considering that the company owns Facebook. Bustle contacted Instagram to comment on his privacy policy but was unaware of it at the time of publication.

First of all, here is a short explanation of Facebook's connection with Instagram. According to Instagram, the photo-sharing app announced in September 201

2 that it was acquired by Facebook. While this development brought together the best parts of two world-class social media platforms, it also consolidated the data collection efforts of both companies and added many more layers to their privacy policies; and these facts suddenly seem to be much bigger deals.

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Instagram can use your Facebook data to target ads to you

OK, so now we're on the same page about Instagram's relationship with Facebook. How does it work if the photo sharing app uses user data? According to the Instagram Privacy Policy of January 19, 2013 (a few months after the Facebook acquisition), Instagram users are subject to data collection as users of most social media apps – but acquired since Facebook – have the data Facebook has access to more than what you give them when you create your account. In addition, since the takeover all ads must be created through the Ad Manager of Facebook, even if the company wants to run their ad only on Instagram and not on Facebook. This allows advertisers to access analytics on promotions on Facebook, and allows Facebook to optimize the information about their Instagram account's and account in one place, so that ads can run across both apps.

This is reflected in the privacy policy of Instagram. "When you visit [Instagram]we may use cookies and similar technologies, such as pixels, web beacons, and local storage, to collect information about how you use Instagram and provide you with functionality," the policy says. "We may ask advertisers or other partners to provide ads or services for your devices that may use cookies or similar technologies placed by us or a third party."

The way this data is collected is complicated

The policy also states that Instagram can share information with "companies that are legally part of the same group of companies that owns or owns Instagram "This basically means the Facebook family of companies that includes companies like Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook was very connected to Instagram when they bought it. The sum of user information that you provided on both Facebook and Instagram (intentionally or otherwise) is therefore subject to use by the entire company. Facebook can use the data collected through Instagram – your posts, your likes, the accounts you track, and more – to seamlessly switch your ads to both platforms. As described in the Wall Street Journal if you have given the social media platform permission to share your interests with Facebook or to register with other people on your Facebook account, you have the data For example, to get information about specific ads you've purchased, which you've visited in the physical world, and which apps you use. As a Facebook company, Instagram can use the same data for ads – and can collect its own data based on your Instagram interactions to place more ads on Facebook.

I know, it sounds complicated. But it's worth noting that Facebook has responded to all this with some changes to its privacy and security features. As of March 28, after TIME FB users can access a redesigned, optimized privacy-setting menu to help them control their data. In addition, users can more easily view the Facebook (and thus Instagram) data policies so that they have more transparency in the community.

How to minimize the amount of information that Instagram and Facebook have access to

This News Provided About targeted ad content on Facebook and Instagram frolic. There are things you can do. Touch "Settings" in the Facebook app, then "Account settings" and then "Ads." In this menu, you can learn more about which advertisers you interact with and what information is used for these connections. You can also disable or change which ads are targeted to you.

This is a lot of information for Facebook and Instagram users that needs to be processed – especially if the two popular platforms are closely linked – but user numbers are on the rise when we're interested in how their data is from the Social Media sites that we all love, it is possible that in the near future we will hear more information about the transparency of the privacy policy.

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