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Does Kanye West sing to his children at bedtime?

If you were a world-renowned artist, would you give your kids a private show every night before they left Dreamland? Sure, some dancing is a lot of work at 9pm, but it would not be that hard to sing one of your top tracks.

With Kanye West extending his influence, from releasing record albums to setting up a super-exclusive weekend service, fans wonder if he will be able to save family time for his children at the end of the day.

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Kanye West wows everyone with his Sunday service

Have you heard of West's Sunday service? It's a fantastic VIP experience that has brought Kanye to life since the beginning of the year. The event features a mix of live music, which is usually provided by a gospel choir, and prayer. Sure, you'll hear a standard anthem from time to time, but the choir is also inspired by some of Kanye's most popular religious pieces, such as "Jesus Walks" and "Lift Off."

Kanye West also brings musical guests with flair to the weekly performance. Recent guests included DMX, Courtney Love, Tyler the Creator, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

If that's not enough to see you at the Sunday service, you may have a rarer opportunity to compete with the West Kardashian clan. Kim, North and Saint and other family members insist on appearing every Sunday.

North West has made it its mission

North West used to be just a spectator on duty, not anymore! The audience saw the little girl dancing in the storm more than once. If that was not lovely enough, the six-year-old actor is now raising the stake. As? Instead of just sharing her funky moves with the super exclusive participants, she also sings!

North, Saint and her cousin Penelope Disick performed best on Sunday in a performance last month. The delightful trio joined the rest of the choir to sing Sinead O & # 39; Conner's "Nothing Compares 2 U ". The success story of 1990 came long before one of them was born, but that did not stop the children from giving everything.

Nor was this the first time that North went to the microphone during the Sunday service. During a April service, North borrowed a microphone and pulled it (and its position) to the center of the stage for everyone to see. She even took the microphone down so she could move more freely. While some consider this a big no, Kanye clearly loved the bravery of his daughter. There was a smile on his face all the time as he sat in the front row (at the keyboard behind her) throughout the show.

It is clear (and confirmed by Kim) that it makes her day to pool her father's energy for the performance. In fact, the Sunday service has become the favorite day of the week's young entertainers!

Perhaps Kanye's Lullabyes Are Involved

No doubt, North's parents definitely play a significant role in their love of the stage. With Kim K a reality star for eternity and Kanye a musical genius, it's not surprising that the little north has picked up on a thing or two over the years. During a performance in David Letterman's Netflix Original my next guest needs no introduction; Kanye has opened his life to the masses.

According to Kanye West, he likes to sing before going to bed for his children. However, a fly on the wall would not hear lyrics floating through the house from "All of the Lights" or "Mercy" . Instead, Kanye takes the time to get his creative juices flowing. He unleashes unique songs and puts his children through night new words and arrangements. When things stay on course, it looks like North is ready to fill her father's shoes in no time.

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