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Does Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have a secret wild side?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be kings, but when it matters, they are like us in many ways. It may seem as though the Duke and Duchess are always behaving well when attending fancy parties, intimate dinners, and appointments suitable for a king and a queen. However, it is hard for anyone, even Meghan and Harry, to sustain such a lifestyle.

With all the pressure of the royal life and the fact that they are in the limelight, there is a chance they may have to let go from time to time. There are probably things they do behind closed doors that make a great deal of effort to stay private and, as it turns out, fun parties are only one of them: Duke and Duchess of Sussex have recently become known to have some fun wild side and we have to say that we love her even more.

The Print of the Royal Life

  Meghan Markle
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It may sound like the dream of every young girl to grow up, marry a prince and move into a palace, and that's how it turned out for Meghan. While she undoubtedly has a life full of glamor and glamor, there are also some disadvantages that come into play. For example, just about everything Meghan does is closely watched, criticized and photographed. With people around the world always looking for something to talk about, the rumors can sometimes get out of hand.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have different backgrounds.

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While Meghan was no stranger to the camera before she met Harry , her life was safe was not nearly as high profile as it is now. She had nothing to do with her family drama and could go public without being persecuted. Since her relationship with Harry began, Meghan's life has changed so drastically and everything she does to the public must be absolutely perfect. Sometimes we have to wonder if the pressure will be overwhelming.

Prince Harry has a not so secret wild side.

For years, Harry was known as a rebel of the royal family. We could always count on him to keep things interesting, and that's exactly what he did. Who can forget the time Harry was in a physical encounter with a photographer, or his hard parties? Then there was an incident in Las Vegas, where some images that were sure to send a wave of shock through the palace were visible to everyone on the Internet. Although many see these incidents as normal parts of a young person's life, it is not the kind of behavior royals usually engage with.

Do Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have a secret wild side?

As it turns out, they do! Like so many people their age, Meghan and Harry enjoyed occasionally hosting parties all night while still living in Kensington Palace. A former neighbor of them spoke glowingly of the extravagant celebrations, saying that they were quite exaggerated and that the palace had been extremely quiet since the duke and duchess had left.

However, it seems their move is the best. After receiving Baby Archie recently, the move to Windsor is the couple's route to keeping the new king out of the limelight, which was exceptionally good for the new family of three. We are glad that Meghan and Harry can take the time to relax and have fun with the busy, demanding appointments.

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