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Does Meghan Markle break the royal protocol with her modern fashion choices?

Meghan Markle, the new Duchess of Sussex, certainly knows how to make a fashion statement! We've seen her in everything, from ripped jeans and a button-down shirt to sleek, sparkling dresses. And no matter what she puts on, Meghan always looks amazing! However, the royal family is known to have strict guidelines when it comes to what they are allowed to wear, especially at royal events. Royals in the past have always been seen by all fashion rules, not Meghan. Does Meghan Markle break the royal protocol with her modern fashion choices?

What are the royals likely to wear?

When it comes to royal clothing, the queen has some rules. Skirts should hit just above the knee, nail polish is always neutral, no wedge heels, tights and more. While most royals stick to the dress code every time, one of the newest members of the family is known for giving the royal style its own twist. Meghan Markle has seen several outfits since she married Prince Harry, who are more Hollywood than Royal, glowing in the spotlight and loving every second of it!

What does Meghan Markle wear that does not follow the guidelines?

Fans are used to seeing Meghan's sister Kate Middleton dressed in conservative skirts and elegant evening gowns for royal engagements and events. However, Meghan herself is a bit of a law breaker, as she was recently seen in dark nail polish and a black one-shoulder dress that was daring and nervous. Although Meghan looked absolutely beautiful, fans could not wonder if Queen Elizabeth agreed with her look. The Duchess recently joined a tight mini dress that fits snugly against her baby bump. Looks like Meghan is not afraid to pick up her own things when she decides what to wear.

How else does Markle break the rules of royal fashion?

in the short time she was a royal! The Duchess of Sussex was on her and Harry's official wedge-heeled Australian tour, a known aversion to the Queen. Not only that, she took her to walk the beach, something no king ever dared to do. At the end of August, Meghan decided to skip the pantyhose and paint it with a black jacket and an exceptionally short skirt for her bare legs.

How about Markle's hair? | Getty Images / Pool

Just like her royal wedding in May, Meghan likes to wear her hair in casual styles that look effortlessly beautiful! If her long, dark curls are not in loose waves, she is seen with her messy bun, usually with some loose parts framing her face. While we have occasionally seen Meghan's hair in a perfect updo, the fans love it slightly disheveled and withdrawn so many are trying to replicate themselves!

Does Markle wear hats?

A royal rule that Meghan holds She wears a hat on certain engagements, and she definitely wears it well! She was recently seen in Westminster Abbey for a Day of Truce Day with a flattering black beret and an attractive, broad-brimmed green hat she had chosen for the baptism of Prince Louis. She has also been featured in several fascinators over the last few months, a look that is sure to match her! It seems that Meghan Markle is making the modern royal fashion statement, and she looks great!

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