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Does Nick Jonas get along with his sister-in-law Sophie Turner?

It has been several weeks since Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas got married in a wedding chapel in Las Vegas and she has officially joined the famous Jonas family.

  Sophie Turner
NEW YORK, NY – DEC 17: Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas take on December 17, 2018 at the Phoenix Suns vs. New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden in New York part city. (Photo by James Devaney / Getty Images)

Even before Turner had made a knot, he was always seen spending time with the Jonas family, enjoying every second of it.

Many of us already know that Sophie Turner has already made connections with the other Jonas women, Priyanka and Danielle, but what about her relationship with the other JoBros?

Nick Weirdly Stole Sophie on Instagram

Like any other sibling, Nick Jonas enjoys pestering his new sister-in-law with Game of Thrones references.

Earlier this month, Joe and Nick Jonas attended Met Gala 2019 with their wives Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra.

Although Nick and Priyanka have been blinded in their "Fashion: Notes on Camp" color, they looked on the pink carpet of the Met Gala that especially the appearance of the singer grunted the Internet.

Many pointed out that Jonas looked like the famous Game of Thrones character Petyr Baelish, better known as Littlefinger. Even Nick realized how similar he was to the character and shared pictures of himself and Petyr on Instagram.

As he basically embodied the famous Game of Thrones character Jonas naturally had to point out his new sister-in-law.

Nick Jonas has the photo titled "Sansa … We have to protect the valley. #metgala #littlefinger. "

After watching the post, Sophie Turner, of course, had some thoughts.

She commented under the photo, "Stop manipulating me. I thought you died last season.

They're always hanging around

It's always good when your partner and their siblings get along, and that's exactly what Sophie Turner does with the brothers of Joe Jonas.

Sophie Turner has been dating since the beginning of her dating year Immediately related to Nick and Kevin Jonas in 2017.

Both men knew that Joe Jonas had found something special with Sophie and welcomed them with open arms in the family.

When Nick started dating Priyanka Chopra , his attachment to Turner became even stronger.

The two couples began to hang out much more together, taking vacations and even vacationing with the entire Jonas family.

There was no time when Joe, Nick, Priyanka and Sophie do not hang out together and it just shows that their relationship continues to grow with each passing day.

Nick has nothing but good things to say about Sophie

Already in 2018, Nick Jo nas with PEOPLE that he already regards Turner as "like a sister" and can hardly wait for his brother to finally marry her.

"I'm very excited," he said of the couple's upcoming marriage. "I think Sophie is an incredible asset to our family.

He also revealed that he always knew that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas should fall in love.

"I'm very close to Joe," said the singer. "It was clear to me early on that this relationship was somehow meant that way."

"Their connection is beautiful and their mutual support system is unbelievable and all you hope for is in your soulmate," he added. "I'm very happy for her."

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