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Does Prince Harry like Meghan Markle's mother?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been married for almost a year. And since then there has been a lot of drama with Meghan's family. One person who did not seem to cause any drama is Meghana's mother, Doria Ragland. But at the same time, she does not spend much time with Harry. So, what does Harry think about his mother-in-law?

  Prince Harry Doria Ragland
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's mother, Doria Ragland | Ben Stansall – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Doria and Harry have only met a few times

Although the two are now related, Doria and Harry do not spend much time together – and the distance is probably the reason. Doria is still living in California, while her daughter and Harry have settled in Harry's home in the UK, and the distance makes it difficult for them to meet. Doria obviously spent some time with the couple when she was at her wedding in the UK. In September 2018 she visited her again and visited with them a cookbook event. Apart from that, Harry and Doria barely spent time together. On the plus side, they probably did not find much they did not like.

Harry's family seems to like Doria very much

Harry's family is in the same boat as the prince when it comes to spending time with Meghan's mother. The royal family did not have much time with Doria either. However, it seems the queen has a lot of respect for her. The queen invited Doria to tea with her and Prince Philip when Doria came to the royal wedding. This shows that the Queen greatly appreciates Meghan's mother and Meghan. Doria and the queen sat down and supposedly had a good time together, although Queen Elizabeth has not spent much time with her since then.

Harry and Doria seem to have a close relationship

Although Harry and Doria are not there often in the same place, that does not mean that they do not communicate at all. With such an unbelievable amount of technology, people can be in constant contact with each other. Royal family members have said that Harry and Doria have a really good relationship. Doria joined Meghan in 2017 at the Invictus Games in Toronto, where they both supported Harry. The prince was probably thrilled when his future mother-in-law tried to meet him. Doria Ragland Meghan Markle Prince Harry "</ p>

There were rumors that Doria will move to Britain after the birth of Baby Sussex when the new baby arrives. While Meghan would love this more than anyone else, if it is true, Harry must, of course, also agree with what speaks volumes about their relationship. Harry lost his mother when he was young, so there is not that maternal figure for the couple that can help them show the souls of parenthood. They have reportedly asked Prince William and Kate Middleton for parenting advice, but it would be very beneficial for them to take care of the baby with the third set.

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