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Does Queen Elizabeth have the lavish lifestyle of Ban Kate Middleton?

When Kate Middleton grew up, she might not live in a royal palace like her husband, but that does not mean she did not live comfortably. When Kate was young, her parents founded a successful party supply company that made them multi-millionaires.

She never really wanted anything during her childhood. Her parents could give her and her siblings the life most people can only dream of. By the time she was a young adult, she had become accustomed to visiting the hottest clubs, eating in the best restaurants, and spending lavish vacations around the world.

Although everyone knows that the royal family is far from being affected by poverty, this does not mean that they are happy to display their wealth to others. Having a future grandson-in-law who had no problem showing how much money she had made Queen Elizabeth II obviously a little worried.

How did the queen handle Kate's extravagant expenses? Did she make Kate give up her lavish lifestyle before she agreed to let William Kate get married? Keep reading to get answers to these and other questions.

What did the queen think about Kate's lifestyle before she married Prince William?

  Kate Middleton
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When William and Kate first met, they were constantly being seen in ski resorts and five-star hotels. While this seemed like innocent fun, the queen began to get a little angry about her extravagant outings.

In 2008, when the country was in recession, the queen of Kate's spending habits became really frustrated. Queen Elizabeth II believed that Kate's "frivolous riches" were considered rude by the public and made Kate look as if she were not sensitive to what other British citizens were going through.

The queen had the feeling that Kate's neglect of the financial crisis did not bother the entire royal family.

How Queen Elizabeth II helped improve Kate Middleton's image.

Although Queen Kates criticized her, she had also given her good advice to empathize with the people of Britain. She had suggested Kate volunteer at a local charity. Soon after, Kate became very active in Starlight, an organization that helps terminally ill children.

After exploring Starlight, Kate moved to several nonprofit organizations. Today Kate is part of several royal patrons.

What is the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton today?

Kate and William are supposed to have been together for about five years before Kate officially met the Queen. While the relationship may have been somewhat tense or awkward at the time, they have since met on a very personal level and they really seem to like each other.

In a recently shot documentary titled Our Queen at the Age of Ninety Years Kate remembered the many royal engagements she and the Queen had attended together. "The most memorable engagement for me was a day off in Leicester. I left without William, so I was pretty worried about it … She gave me a lot of support.

Kate had then said that the queen continued to care for Kate during the engagement and made her feel happy and happy.

Kate has come a long way since she officially became a member of the Royal Family. She looks more relaxed when she has certain royal functions, and she seems to have a very good relationship with William's entire family, including his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II

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