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Does Wendy Williams help?

Wendy Williams has a long career in show business. She first got her show hosted by Radio and quickly made a name for herself. At some point, she worked her way up the ranks and got her own talk show, which has been on television for 10 years now.

Recently, however, Williams had some very real problems in the news. Williams kicked off her show this year

Williams had an admittedly tough 2018. She ended the year roughly and apologized to the fans that her show could not keep up. Williams had suffered a broken arm at the beginning of the year and had fainted during the filming of her Halloween show. Later she said that she was dehydrated because of her hot, bulky costume.

The presenter of the talk show promised a better year in 201

9, but when her scheduled premiere date ran on Jan. 7, Williams was not there. Williams was also absent on January 21st. Williams eventually returned, but had to leave soon for a longer return.

In March 2019 Williams finally returned from her extended break. She said she felt better after the break and would not take such a break anymore. On March 19th, the presenter of the talk show showed that she had spent time in a sober house.

The Trouble Continues

It has not been easy for Williams in the last few weeks. In addition to her health problems, there were rumors that the husband of the talk show, Kevin Hunter, became another pregnant woman.

Williams decided not to address the rumors that her husband's alleged lover, Sharina Hudson, was to give birth to a baby. However, it looks like the child's birth triggered a relapse through the troubled star.

Hudson recently gave birth to a child, but it is not yet clear who the child's father is. The news of Hudson's delivery seems to have hit Williams pretty hard. Sources say that Williams, after hearing the news, disappeared from the studio. Those near her were in a panic to find her. Apparently, Williams had checked out of her sober house and consumed alcohol on the way home. She was drunk and taken to the hospital where she was treated.

Is the talk show host shouting for help?

  Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams | Santiago Felipe / Getty Images

Williams's recent struggles have led the media and family to question everything in her life, including her relationship with her husband. In a recent show, Williams discussed the allegations that Dr. Dre defeated the former journalist Dee Barnes. She then asked the audience, "What kind of man is a woman beating?" She followed her with a very long glaze over her shoulder. She then asked, "And what kind of men are standing around and see how this happens, and do not break it …?" Then came another long look and a "hmm".

Williams' words and actions have asked many, "Is Wendy Williams screaming for help?" Is she suggesting that she herself is an abuse victim? One source recently said to Page Six: "She seems so fragile and vulnerable. It is frightening how completely Wendy is under his control … But she will not hear a word against him. Those who are close to her fear that something terrible will happen. She comes to the set and looks terrible. "Wendy's husband has a stellar role in the show, so it could be that she asked who could stand and see if that happened." Will Wendy Williams abandon her show?

With Williams's recent health problems, it means Apparently there was talk of finding a replacement for the host, Nick Cannon helped her on her break, and sources say people on the show wanted him to stay here, a source says, "We everybody wants Nick to replace Wendy, he was an absolute dream, everyone in the team loves him and he's so professional. "But Cannon has nothing to do with the rumors, the comedian posted on Instagram:" No one can replace Wendy !!! There is and will only be one Wendy Williams! "

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