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Dog finds his vacation at the shelter after 8 years

A dog that spent eight years in a kennel has finally found a home ̵

1; and has now spent its first Christmas with its new owners. "Roxy," the staffie, is described as highly intelligent, but despite her intelligence, the poor puppy has spent nearly a decade in an animal shelter.

Teckels staff at Whitminster, Gloucestershire, brought special games to entertain Roxy, and were surprised by who they could quickly find out.

And now Roxy has finally found her home and spent her first Christmas at home after being selected by dog ​​hairdresser Leanne Wenban.


"We saw them on the Teckels website and we saw that they had been in the kennels for a long time," said Wenban. "We thought we would see how it works Six months to get where we are now. At first she ignored us, but we went to her every Thursday and Sunday. "

" At first, we sat in the cage with her and eventually we could go and cuddle her, "she said." It usually does not take long for a dog to get used to someone, but it takes extra time. "[19659005] Roxy now has her own bedroom with toys and goodies, but she still moves into the new home, and after spending so much time at the shelter, Roxy is still worried and unused to the quiet.

"First Roxy came to visit us on visits, she is so good and she sleeps a lot, "Wenban said." She loves being stuck in her blanket and has her own bedroom, which resembles a small cot kennel was good and what she is or used to, but now I think she will catch up. "

Wenban is a dog hairdresser and said she loves all dogs, and her Partner Sam Green is wa She describes her as a "bull-race fanatic."

"We bought her lots of games, dog board games, a snuff mat, she's very smart," she said. "She works them out in minutes and we have to mix the games every day when she remembers and finds out where the treats are, Teckels were really good and worked around us, making sure there's always someone out there After visiting Roxy for a while, they did not have to supervise us when we made our visits, we just signed up and went to her, and now she's starting to say hello to other dogs and still is a little bit nervous, because she looks like she regards it as her territory. "

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