The surveillance video seems to show someone standing on the back of the former Boston Red Sox Striker David Ortiz shoots in a bar in the Dominican Republic. In an earlier version of this video, Ortiz was misidentified.

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) – The Dominican authorities have identified on Monday the man whom they believe has paid batsmen to kill David Ortiz of the famous thug who is in a hospital in Boston recovered.

The man was identified as Alberto Miguel Rodríguez Mota, whom the authorities refer to as a refugee. The announcement was made when a judge held a public hearing for another suspect nicknamed "Bone". The officials did not disclose details, but according to court documents from The Associated Press, the man whose real name is Gabriel Alexánder Pérez Vizcaíno

David Ortiz will stay in hospital for the next few days. (Photo: Bob DeChiara, USA TODAY Sports)

The documents say that a man in jail for another case reported to Perez a week before shooting in a bar in Santo about the alleged job Domingo contacted and sent him a picture of the target so he could share it with the attackers.

Pérez allegedly shared the image with the other suspects when they gathered at a nearby gas station a few minutes before shooting. Officials did not say if it was Ortiz's picture.

The documents also say that Pérez sold a gold iPhone 6, which was planned to assassinate a woman for $ 180 so he could get rid of the evidence one day after the shooting. The authorities claimed that the phone had caused him problems and that's why he sold it.

"He did this when he found out that the police were looking for him," the document said.

A Pérez lawyer did not comment on leaving the courtroom When the police threw the suspect away, he wore a red T-shirt, a flak jacket and a helmet. He did not talk to reporters.

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The one-year suspect is one of ten people arrested by the authorities, and they are looking for at least two other people in the country the court documents, including the man accused of paying the alleged killers.

Ortiz's lawyer, José Martínez Hoepelman said he was satisfied with the investigation.

"Trust the authorities," he said. "They worked tirelessly to achieve the results so far. We all want more information, but we have to wait.

The police have offered the coordinator of the attack 400,000 Dominican pesos or about 7,800 USD to orchestrate the shootout on Ortiz, known as Big Papi.

He led the Red Sox to three World Championships, was a 10-time All-Star, reaching 541 home runs.

Ortiz lives in Boston, but visits the Dominican Republic several times a year.

Doctors remove his gallbladder and some of it from his bowel before being flown to Boston, where he stays in the Massachusetts General Hospital's intensive care unit.


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