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Donald Glover beats Deadpool animation series cancellation in spoof script

After his scheduled Deadpool animated series has been canceled, Donald Glover takes a page from the Merc with a Mouth

The actor-rapper-writer-producer-director released a spoof script on Twitter in the The Marvel Anti-Hero breaks the fourth wall to speculate on the reasons for the cancellation of the show.

After Marvel Television had separated from Glover, his brother Stephen Glover and FX on a scheduled Deadpool series due to creative differences. Glover responded to speculation about his departure and wrote in a tweet, which he later deleted: "For the record: I was not too busy to work on Deadpool."

In the 1

2-page script published by Glover, Deadpool watches over Jeep in Kenya and Ben Carson, Bitcoin and Ecko joke as he embarks on a mission with Sudan, the last male White Rhino.

"You know, I'm not mad about this whole" canceled "thing." Deadpool tells Sudan. "I really think it's a good time to have a violent, gun-loving white man scolding on TV – unlike the PRESIDENT!" The Merc is considering whether "they only want to sell toys" or " He quits, "Yes, but all the authors were black, and the references were pretty black too." I heard they went over the lunch budget at least once a week and ordered Jamaican food. "

The character continues," It just feels like everyone wants something different, but nobody wants to do anything else. "Marvel does not have enough feel-good minority shows that everyone supports, but not watching, I mean, I think our show would have been funny, I just wanted a place to be honest, and I think this place is Freeform. "

Glover's Deadpool also contains a clue to the scandal from Beyoncé. ("Sanaa Lathan bit Beyonce's face! Wait, oh god thank, it was Jennifer Lawrence, I hate her already, it's alright.")

FXX develops Deadpool: The Animated Series – so Glover's script is said to start as a 10-episode season with a first goal this year. It is unclear if Marvel will choose to keep this project alive. Regardless, Glover does not fight for work. His show Atlanta won several Emmys and Golden Globes, while in Solo: A Star Wars Story will be seen on the big screen as Lando Calrissian. He will then be heard on the big screen as Simba in Jon Favreau's The Lion King .

Reps for Glover and FX did not comment. Marvel did not respond to EW's request for comments.

Read Glover's script below.

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