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Donald Trump claims that Mexico is gaining enormously, critics say it is a mirage

Trump is annoyed at the suggestion that the deal, which closed late Friday evening, is just one new example of the alternative reality he often conjures up to uphold his presidency and will do little to solve the Southern Border Emergency ,

Controversy over The Mexico Agreement also reflects how a common definition of facts under a president who has often tried to devalue the currency of truth has become impossible.

"If President Obama did the business I did on the border as well as the US economy, the corrupt media would call them unbelievable, and a national holiday would be instantly called out," Trump wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

"With me, despite our record-setting economy and everything I've done, no credit!"

The controversy surrounding the alleged breakthrough of the president goes hand in hand with another conflict between Trump and Democrats.

It is expected that Parliament will vote for Attorney General Willia on Tuesday to dismiss Barr and White House attorney Don McGahn in another escalation of a separation of powers duel.
And Trump's feud with Nancy Pelosi deepens after she says she wants to see him in prison in remarks that reflect the pressure on the Liberal House spokesman calling for the impeachment and a vivid response from the president.

Agreement on Mexico

Democrats rushed to Sunday on a report by the New York Times, which said that the agreement on Friday mainly contained commitments previously made by Mexico in talks with the United States in recent months ,

However, the president argued on Twitter that his intervention and threat of tariffs had been instrumental in keeping the promises on paper.

Controversy over the Mexico Agreement is reflected as a common definition of facts under a president who has often tried to devalue the currency of truth, has become impossible The fierce talks between the US and Mexico in Washington when he last Week in Europe will turn out to be a major breakthrough.

He argues that his new tariff threats have forced Mexico to make a stronger effort to stop the flow of migrants towards the US and mitigate the crisis on the southern border that his government has failed to control.

Conservatives proclaim the deal that sparked a Senate Republican uprising as a media-savvy coup for the president's unpredictable art of implementing deal tactics.

In a Washington Post column, radio host Hugh Hewitt accused Trump's critics of not being able to admit that he had played high stakes poker and won a border-security round, admitting that the president was the hero great homage paid by Normandy on Thursday. "
Trump resigned from his threat to impose 5% tariffs on Mexico from Monday onwards, which would have risen by 5% per month until they reached 25% experience of heavy pressure from GOP senators.

An alternative interpretation of the Events of the weekend ̵

1; and Trump's furious propaganda on Twitter – is that the deal with Mexico was mainly about saving the president's face.

If that's the case, then the GOP is now at the bottom after the senators Last week, their dismay over Trump's tariff threats – his dominant foreign policy instrument – had not been concealed.

Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt – a self-confessed free trader and not a fan of tariffs, even suggested the drama on Sunday could help an even more complicated trade war against an enemy that trumps far less than Mexico.

"I think the greatest lesson here and the gr SSTE message here now is not Mexico, but China, "Blunt said on CBS" Face the Nation. "

"The President is clearly ready to use tariffs, and indeed the President believes that tariffs are a significant, positive and economic instrument."

It is not surprising that Trump is widespread ad skepticism for his claim to victory, as he has a record of impulsive escalating crises and then "solves" the problems he causes.

The President has several trade agreements with South Korea, Canada and Mexico as complete revisions of existing gehyped pacts, but critics claim he has only made cosmetic changes.

Last year, Trump announced a huge new trade agreement with the European Union after he withdrew his threats against the introduction of new car fares. In fact, the two sides agreed to talk about an agreement that has not yet been reached.

The president also repeatedly threatened to close the border with Mexico at the beginning of this year, unless he was able to stop the migration flows before he withdrew from domestic criticism.

Trump had been warned that closing the border with Mexico, the third largest US trading partner, could cause economic disaster for the US, increase prices for staple foods such as fruits and vegetables, and lead to bottlenecks in supermarkets. [19659002]

Trump claims deal is debunked

Given the low level of detail of the deal on Friday, it is difficult to gauge how effective it could be.

The New York Times reported Mexico's plan to use its National Already in March, it had been agreed to stop migrants by a guard that is far less effective than the US counterpart. And an expansion of a program to keep asylum seekers in Mexico while their applications were being processed had been announced in December, according to the paper.

Critics effectively argued that the president was trying to pull the wool across America's eyes and far from it. Highlighting his abilities highlighted the futility of his approach.

"What the President has done is to announce what Mexico in many ways agreed to many months ago," said Senator Bernie Sanders, hopeful in the Democratic White House.

"I think what the world is sorry for and what I'm sorry for is a president who consistently goes to war, verbal war with our allies, whether it's Mexico, whether it's Canada," Sanders said of the CNN State of the Union.

Another Democratic candidate, the former Texas representative, Beto O Rourke, said Trump had "completely exaggerated what he had reported reached."

"You might have sped up the schedule But with and by and large, the president has achieved nothing except to jeopardize the most important trade relations that the United States of America entertain, "O Rourke said in the ABC News" This Week. "

The deal Friday also does not seem to target the root causes of human exodus – violence and violence lawlessness in Central America – aside from a vague formulation about a bigger role in the US

Trump has already announced he'll spend hundreds of millions of dollars on development aid for Honduras El Salvador and Guatemala, accusing them of doing nothing to stop the migration crisis.

Martha Bárcena Coqui, Mexico Ambassador to the US, refused to confirm Trump's tweeted allegation that her government had agreed to immediately buy large quantities of "OUR LARGE PATRIOT FARMERS" products.

She said on "Face the Nation" "Simply that trade would increase without new tariffs and under the new US / Mexico / Canada agreement – which indirectly contradicts the tweet of the President.

In both Trump has a card to play for 2020

[19659002] From a political point of view, it does not really matter if the deal with Mexico makes a real breakthrough – a sign of the distorted reality of the current political era.

The President spent the weekend winning the victory and offering new material for the contract, his conservative cheerleaders and the revealing criticism of his efforts as evidence of media bias.

If the border crisis is alleviated in a few months, Trump can rightfully choose a new cheer line in his campaign rallies and claim justification for its hard-line policy.

He will claim that he has his V Predictions has followed a firm presidency that drives up deals for the American people.

But when it becomes clear that the Mexican deal was a bankruptcy, Trump can return the political source of border policy again, knowing that inflammatory rhetoric about migrants and attacks on Mexico nourishes the excitement in his political base he needs in 2020 ,

"We can always return to our previous, very profitable position of tariffs – but I do not think that will be necessary," Trump tweeted on Sunday, accusing media representatives they had questions about their intention to cause America to fail ,

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