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Donald Trump falls in love with Nancy Pelosis trap

It's not often that Trump, who dissected the most talented republican primary field in 2016, seems to struggle in a direct political battle for traction.

But Pelosi turns against Trump's own arsenal, exploiting the politics of ridicule and provocation to unbalance him and force him to respond to a more agile rival.

And Trump's increasingly vivid reactions are helping Pelosi out of a delicate political affair.

This week, the Beltway story opened that she was under growing pressure from a Democratic Caucus impatient to initiate an impeachment investigation against Trump.

  Trump denies

Now his attacks and several helpful court profits, as Democrats seek for Trump's financial records, unite their coalition and even confirm their warning that Trump is seeking impeachment to make their party extreme and exaggerated to brand.

The Trump vs. Pelosi The show becomes a fascinating daily political game. However, the consequences are not insignificant: after the elections of 2020, probably only one of the rivals will be in office.

On his second outbreak of Pelosi in so many days on Thursday, Trump has shown how much she has under his skin

He called the highest-ranking woman in American history "confused" and "crazy." In another wild rant, he asked if she was smart enough to read a bill – even though the speaker proved to be an absolutely staunch and astute legislator.

"I've been watching her for a long time, she's not the same person She's lost it," Trump told reporters as he introduced new measures in support of US farmers in a distraction from a White House incident, who suffer from his China trade war.

Pelosi works specifically on a playbook designed for Trump when she meets him where it hurts the most and targets his ego, his courage, his manhood, and his sensitivity to his fortune.

She wondered if his rejection of an infrastructure business could be punished with "lack of confidence" on his part. "

Pelosi pursued Trump's image as a tough guy, speculating that his obsession with an extremely long boundary wall" made him like a men's thing It was as if masculinity could ever be associated with it. "And she mocked Trump's inherited fortune: federal employees" can not just ask their father for more money, "she said during the government's deal earlier this year.

The Strike [19659016] Trump's strike marks a point of no return [19659017] Trump strike marks a point of no return ” class=”media__image” src=”http://cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/190522115910-trump-pelosi-0522-split-large-169.jpg”/>

The counter-attack of the president took place one day after he had ended a meeting with Pelosi and other congressional democrats after accusing him or "covering up"

Trump has now stopped working with the House Democrats until they have stopped their multiple investigations into their election campaign, presidency, and financial affairs. The temperament got out of hand at their meeting on Wednesday.

His anger led him to stage an extremely bizarre and non-presidential spectacle in the Roosevelt space of the White House, in which he demanded testimony from his own aides.

"They were very quiet," said Trump senior assistant Kellyanne Conway.

The president, who once again seemed angry that he was not understood, argued that throughout his life he had been consistent in many political issues: "I am an extremely stable genius."

It did not last long, until Pelosi shot back.

"When the 'extremely stable genius' starts to act more presidential, I'll be happy to work with him on infrastructure, commerce, and other topics," Pelosi wrote on Twitter.

This war of insults between a speaker and a president is hardly worthy. It is possible that voters who are already disgusted by Washington will only become more disillusioned.

A Republican senator, John Kennedy from Louisiana, has on Thursday asked both sides to pronounce it, rather than behaving like "8-year-olds" back from a mini-van fight. "

Trump supporters, who appreciate his unorthodox, simple-talking and militant style, are not impressed by his antics, and Beltway confrontations are often rated differently outside of DC Trump also has the history, the wisdom of political experts

Can there be a winner?

  Trump in Defense Now Where Democrats Win the Court

One source told CNN's Gloria Borger on Thursday that the president was satisfied with the recent political struggles and believed he had "the Democrats in a box." Trump believes the bloated field of Democrats and the Democrats Exhaustion in public through the investigation in Russia help him – although he has a democratic investigation in relation to his family fina is frustrated.

"His attitude is courageous, he thinks he lays her directly on the leash," the source said.

But Trump may be more vulnerable than Pelosi. Not every American wants his president to emerge behind a podium. And – as much as the GOP tries to make it the face of the Democratic Party – Pelosi will not be on the presidential card.

Trump has already finished second in a showdown with Pelosi – in the Shutdown New Year's government – this has shown how the presidents are most vulnerable in such situations and often receive more blame.

A continued cold between the White House and the House of Representatives could be bad news for both sides. Each party wants action on infrastructure, prescription drug prices and other priorities.

However, since January, Pelosi has passed more than 250 laws, including several important laws, many of which are anchored in the GOP Senate. Action on climate change, health care, arms reform and ethics is not a bad payoff for liberal voters.

Trump, meanwhile, seeks to obtain his replacement for the NAFTA trade agreement with Mexico and Canada to affirm his own case that he is a firm president. But he needs Pelosis help.

And history suggests that any major economic crises triggered by the failure of budget negotiations and the raising of the debt ceiling would be more of a threat to the president than to Democrats.

"Reckless gangster"

  GOP raises impeachment shield around Trump

The Events over the past two days have forced Pelosi out of the saddle and Trump into a more difficult position.

With House Democrats annoyed at the government's policy of not cooperating with their oversight efforts, a growing minority of legislators called for a suspension.

"The fact is, when you have a constitution and you have a rule of law and it is ruthlessly destroyed by gangsters you must act," Deputy Steve Cohen, D-Tennessee, told Poppy Harlow of CNN on Thursday ,

White House press The secretary Sarah Sanders switched to zero in such a mood Thursday.

"Nancy Pelosis's problem is that she has completely lost control of her party," said Sanders CNN's "New Day."

"She has the left wing that tells her what to do, maybe some of the moderates who actually want to do something and lose control, and at some point she has to make a decision in which direction she will go.

Sander's efforts were soon undermined by the president's fireworks display. His stance has allowed Pelosi to relieve pressure – arguing that Democrats should not play in the hands of the president despite possible criminal offenses.

"No question, the White House just screams for impeachment, that's why it's done, you all have a story that's not real, I mean, you want to believe that all this discomfort is in our caucus, that's easy not the truth, "said Pelosi on Thursday.

Trump was later directly asked if he wanted to be charged.

"I do not think anyone wants to be charged," he replied, but then quoted a poll – which Pelosi also reads – that shows that the majority of Americans reject such a divisive move. I do not think that American people will argue for this, "Trump said in reference to the wider case he would make public if the House Democrats initiated an impeachment investigation.

The struggle between Pelosi and Trump remains fluid And one thing is for sure, Trump will never give in.

However, it is clear that the White House needs a more effective strategy to deal with a speaker who had already exploited her power in 2008, the White House return to the Democrats.

Gloria Borger and Dana Bash of CNN contributed to this report.

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