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Donald Trump has meanwhile said more than 10,000 untrue things as president

What is more surprising – and more importantly – than the sheer number of lies that Trump spits out is that the speed at which he does so has increased dramatically with each month spent in the White House.

"In just three days from April 25 to 27, the President has collected false or misleading statements in just three days, more than what he did in a month in the first five months of his presidency."

Think about it by the minute. In three days, the president has said or tweeted 171 untruths. That's an average of 57 untruths per day. Even if you try, that's difficult.

For the last seven months, Trump has said the truth is not three times as high as he had in his first 600 days in office, according to Fact Checker calculations ̵

1; and even then he had an average of eight false or misleading statements per day.

What is clear here is that Trump's presidency is increasingly withdrawing into a world of his own creation, a world that is becoming less objectively accepted facts. It is also clear that Trump is increasingly evolving into his 2020 reelection race, his exaggerations, distortions and direct lies becoming more frequent.

All this means it took 827 days to say 10,000 wrong things. It could take well over half the time to reach 20,000. (If you ask yourself, June 15, 2020 is 413 days from today – right in the middle of the season of the campaign.)

Two things are true about this breathtaking mountain of lies and distortions:

1) It's barely one Make a difference if Trump is re-elected in 2020

. 2) It is the defining feature of his presidency and will be his lasting legacy in politics

. First of all, it is important to remember that Trump did not think about winning in 2016 because people believed he was honest and trustworthy. Only 33% of voters said they were considered honest and trustworthy by exit polling, while 64% said it was not. Remarkably, one in five respondents who claimed that Trump was not honest or trustworthy agreed with him.

That Trump was groomed, exaggerated and distorted during his tenure is no surprise to most Americans. It is branded when it comes to Trump. People do not expect him to tell the truth. Likewise, they do not expect him to be "presidential" or to stop tweeting. You may not like us having a president who makes a false claim for false assertion, but they will not vote him out.

That brings me to my second point: it does not matter to voters or not about Trump's lies – and whether they punish him or not – is irrelevant. What Trump did – and continues to do – is the perception of the truth in our culture. If the truth is not told at the highest levels of our government and on issues that have global implications, it will not be punished. What incentive do people have in everyday life to follow facts and truth? If the President of the United States can lie with impunity, why not use the truth in his own life over and over again?

This is obviously extremely corrosive to civil society and democracy itself. Without the ability to agree that the truth about the capital "T" exists, and without a moral framework, to judge the lies as false and to impose potential punishments our ability to literally bring everything together is severely impaired.

That will be the trump card's legacy – whether he loses in 2020 or wins a second term. An heir who does not tell the truth is okay – as long as you get away with it. These facts are terrible. This reality is in the eye of the beholder.

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