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Donald Trump is not invincible: Impeachment remains unlikely, but the end is in sight

Buckle in, people. Last week was an exciting one as more evidence turned Donald Trump into a conspiracy with Russian forces to steal the 2016 elections. That does not mean that this terrible chapter of American history will end in the foreseeable future. Things are likely to get hairier, if you can believe that, but the deceptive truth is that Trump's term is likely to end only when voters throw him out of the house in 2020.

By the same token, it is important not to despair. We're considering another two years tearing Trump's finger off the Resolute desk, but now there are good reasons to believe we'll finally see some of his closely guarded secrets. I dare to challenge any reader that Trump, after humiliating this country for two years, will not enjoy it a bit when he experiences humiliation.

A Review of Last Week: Professional conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi and former head of the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort, seem to have defeated their plea offerings by lying with Special Adviser Robert Muller. Corsi then shared media documents showing how he and the dirty trickster Roger Stone were willing to cooperate with a criminal hacking plot against Hillary Clinton. Trump's former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, made even bigger headlines with his surprise appearance in court, in which he pleaded guilty to lied to Congress about Trump's dealings in Russia. Cohen also said that he kept the Trump family informed of his efforts to enter into a deal for a Trump Tower development in Moscow, in direct conflict with the statement by the Congress of Donald Trump Jr. Stay tuned!

Luscious details of these relationships, including a blockbuster report claiming Trump plans to provide Russian President Vladimir Putin with a US $ 50 million penthouse. Meanwhile, the upcoming Democratic head of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff of California, has signaled that he intends to begin a real investigation into Trump's Russian business, an investigation Republicans have been putting to the test for more than two years.

Under Under the circumstances, it is understandable that doom and gloom might occur. Trump could not look much more guilty, and he and his defense lawyers start to shirk their innocence claims in order to clear their noses in the rule of law. It is reasonable to fear that he is really "Teflon Don" and that no public evidence of corruption will have a significant impact on the current political situation.

"In any rational era, this would be an earthquake, and now it's barely blip," wrote legal expert Ken White, desperately in an article about Cohen's revelations for the Atlantic. "We are deaf to everything, but this kind of development would under normal circumstances end a presidency."

White's contribution is enlightening and worth reading in detail, but I would like to comment on a bit of fatalism. The public is indeed not deaf. "Teflon Don" is a myth.

"In the past, low unemployment, modest growth and the absence of a widely visible conspiracy abroad have been a recipe for high presidential approval," argued Jamelle Bouie this week in Slate. Trump has all these things, but still his party in the middle of the middle has taken a huge dip and three out of five Americans disapprove of his work as president. It shows that these scandals hurt him ̵

1; and that people are paying attention.

And all this with the entire apparatus of the Republican Party and a whole cable news network (Fox News) that works day and night hides the reality of Trump's corruption from the American public. Now that the Democrats are retaking the house and Mueller is starting to use the trials to make information available to the public, there is a good reason to believe that we will see more stories in the sense of "Penthouse for Putin" the depth and the light of the world reveal breadth of Trump's corruption.

White also exaggerates the case when he argues that earlier presidencies would be ended immediately by such revelations. This is how it works in the movies, but in real life it takes a long time to unravel public corruption and free the guilty actors from power. It is worth noting that it was more than two years from the fall of Watergate to the resignation of Richard Nixon in August 1974. And Nixon did not have nearly the same advantages that Trump has: There was no massive propaganda machine to support him. The party was not completely dominated by people who were willing and willing to cover up criminal behavior.

This brings us to the bad news: Despite all the amazing developments of the past week, there is no way Trump can not get out before voters have a chance to kick him out. The same distortions in our electoral system that allowed Trump to win the White House, while receiving fewer votes than Hillary Clinton, allowed the Republicans to control the Senate, while even extending their majority, while the Democrats gained millions more votes grab.

Mitch McConnell's leadership has no intention of recognizing Trump's corruption or obstruction of justice. Finally, McConnell's wife is Elaine Chao Trump's transport secretary. McConnell himself is more interested in knowing how much power Republicans can take even after voter rejection. Therefore, he has every incentive to support Trump, regardless of how much of his probable criminality is revealed.

But it is important not to confuse the fact that Trump is protected by a corrupt system with the belief that scandals simply do not cling to "Teflon Don." If you think things were crazy before, you should know that the pace of breathtaking stories can increase very quickly. Trump gets more angry and unpredictable. His administration will probably emit more and more lies and more outrageous cultural wars. Things are getting dizzy and annoying.

But all of this just increases the likelihood that voters will get sick and tired in two years and kick their butts out. Things are getting very bad, maybe even worse. But after this week, the endgame looks much better.

Amanda Marcotte

Amanda Marcotte is Political Writer for Salon. Her new book, "Troll Nation: How the Rights Became Trump-Adoring Monsters Placed on Advocate Liberation, America, and the Truth" has now appeared. She is on Twitter @AmandaMarcotte
Amanda Marcotte


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