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Donald Trump Jr. does what he always does: the worst dirty work in his father’s political campaigns

As someone who has largely followed Trump’s eldest son on Instagram for the past two years, I have witnessed a regular parade of memes, misleadingly edited videos, and other tropes of assassination of Internet characters aimed at everyone, from the media to the media to Mitt Romney – and back. In short, if you think the president is a troll, his son is the king of the trolls.

This brings me to Saturday when Trump Jr. posted two pictures in his Instagram feed.

The first showed Biden with the words “See you later, alligator!” written about it. Below was a picture of an alligator with the words: “Pedophile after a while.” In the comment of this post, Trump Jr. wrote three emojis laughing and following on the floor, followed by: “That said, there are definitely too many Creep Joe videos out there!”
; (Note: I will not create a link to the post here because I am unable to reinforce false dirt. If you want to find it online, trust me that you can.)

While the dangerous and untrue accusation of pedophilia is – so far – the new indicator of how low the Trump campaign will be to pollute Biden, this is far from the first evidence of how the president and his deputies have campaigned will perform.

But yes. Let’s get this out of the way: there has never been any evidence that Biden has ever behaved inappropriately towards children. None.

When a The New York Times reporter tagged the post on TwitterTrump Jr. tried to say that he was just kidding. “The 3 [rolling-on-the-floor-laughing emojis] the caption should show everyone with common sense that I’m joking. ” Trump Jr. tweeted. Then he added, “If the media doesn’t want people to make fun of and joke about how creepy Joe is, should he stop the unwanted touch and keep his hands to himself?” – accompanied by several pictures of bids with children.

This is a proven Trumps tactic – father and son. Say something insulting. When asked to do so by the media, insist that you are joking, and everyone knows it – except for the humorless media! And then as soon as the words “kidding!” Once you’ve left your mouth, make sure to double the original claim to make sure it gets into the public bloodstream.

And Trump Jr. was far from finished.

“The @nytimes is right. There is NOTHING CREEPY about how @JoeBiden interacts with the kids in this 4-minute video.” he tweeted Saturday night with a link to a Biden C-SPAN clip that welcomes families as part of their ceremonial role in swearing in new senators. “All touching and sniffing hair is FULLY SUITABLE and 100% NORMAL. Everyone does it! I’m a bad person because I mocked him and think it’s disgusting !!!” (This tweet is now pinned to Trump Jr.’s account above.)
On Sunday morning, in response to a tweet from CNN’s Jake Tapper denouncing the Trump’s “unprecedented smear campaign,” Trump Jr. tweeted (again with the C-SPAN clip)::

“Jake, I’m sorry that you’re more upset (joking!) About a joke than @ JoeBiden’s rough habit of touching and sniffing young girls.

“I can’t imagine that most parents would feel comfortable if Biden touched their daughters in the manner shown below … I know I wouldn’t be!”

In response to Trump Jr.’s attacks, Biden spokesman Andrew Bates said in a statement: “No offensive, manipulative tactics will change the way nearly 90,000 Americans paid for Donald Trump’s coronavirus negligence with their lives and how the booming economy did The company, inherited from the Obama Biden government, is now suffering from job losses at the depression level. “

The president has also launched deep personal attacks that question Biden’s mental fitness – most recently in an interview with the conservative Washington Examiner last week.

“If you asked him who he named, he wouldn’t even know,” said Trump, whom you will remember that he recently proposed to inject disinfectants such as bleach as a coronavirus remedy, via Biden. “Joe has absolutely no idea what’s going to happen.” He later added from the former vice president: “He doesn’t know he’s alive.”

This is in line with the recent efforts of his campaign to label Biden, aged 77, the oldest person ever elected President for a first term, as senile and incompetent. (Trump is 73 years old; he will be 74 years old next month.) New Facebook ads show Biden in a nursing home that a companion says, “Joe Biden. Too old?” written in the picture. (Again, I’m not going to help bring this stuff into the mainstream by linking to it here. If you want to find it, you can.)

Trump Jr. has been working on this floor for a while – mostly via Instagram, where he posted memes to indicate that the former vice president is too old. And there is much more.

What Trump and his son are doing here is what they always did – in and out of politics: take something with the smallest core of truth and turn it into something that is not hopeful (political or otherwise) ) Make it profit.

For example it is It is true that Biden has verbal gaffes. He once called himself a “gaffe machine”. But speaking incorrectly is different from being mentally incompetent. Completely different. And there is no evidence that Biden’s tendency to put his foot in his mouth is evidence of something other than occasionally saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

In the case of Biden’s sensitive approach to people, that is also the truth. There is a lot of photographic evidence of this. And Biden himself addressed the problem – published a video in April 2019 in which he said: “I always tried to make a human connection. It is my responsibility, I think … I always was.” In this way I try to show that I care and listen to them. “But he added:” The limits of protecting personal space have been reset. I understand. I understand. I hear what they say and I understand it. I will be much more careful. That is my responsibility and I will meet it. “
This statement came in response to former Florada’s governor Lucy Flores’ allegation that Biden held her shoulders, smelled her hair at a campaign event in 2014, and then gave her a “big slow kiss on the back of the head”.
Earlier this year, a former Senate employee named Tara Reade Biden accused of sexual assault in the mid-1990s. Biden has clearly denied the claim.
Remember that Trump was exposed to credible allegations of sexual harassment by more than a dozen women during the 2016 campaign. He insisted they all lie and said he would sue all of them once the race was over. He has not filed any of these lawsuits.

Trump Jr. doesn’t really care about getting to the bottom of this. Not really. What he knows is that he can use the internet to plant seeds that Biden is not only old but also senile. This biden is not only sensitive, but also vaguely criminal. He doesn’t need evidence because his goal is not to initiate legal, criminal, or even journalistic proceedings against Biden. His goal is to get his story into people’s minds.

Trump’s most keen supporters will believe the worst because they want to – evidence is damned. And people on the fence about Biden? Well, Trump Jr. doesn’t have to convince her of anything. He just has to make sure that they are vaguely aware of this stuff. Even if they get involved with the facts and reject them – as any preoccupation with the facts will do – Trump Jr. believes that he won because they dealt with it. The thought is in their thoughts. That is all he wants or needs.

Trump Jr. won’t be embarrassed to stop the meanness he’s spreading. He left that feeling long ago to serve his (and his father’s) broader mission: to win at all costs.

And that, he clearly believes that he got from his father. In response to a positive comment on his Instagram post, “Alligator,” describing the Trump family as “nothing but savages,” Trump Jr. wrote:

“That’s right. Part of it is an answer to how they follow us through BS … the other part is probably just genetic.”

Like father, like son.

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