Prosecutors have reportedly granted immunity to David Pecker. He owns the company that has published National Enquirer. Viere Sam Berman has the whole story.

President Donald Trump and his then lawyer Michael Cohen have developed a plan to buy unflattering stories from the National Enquirer's publisher for decades, according to The New York Times.

The deal, which reportedly never materialized, would have allowed Trump's team to have stories that American Media Inc., owned by the Enquirer, acquired rights but did not release it under a practice called "catch and kill." 19659005] The Times reports decades of stories – dating back to at least the 1980s – and includes a number of decades of advice, including marital problems, suspicions, and Trump's complaints. The stories were reportedly kept in a safe with stories, sources and other information.

It is unclear whether the information still exists or has been destroyed. The Associated Press reported that at the time of Trump's inauguration, the information was moved from the safe to another location.

The idea of ​​buying stories from AMI became known last month when Cohen's lawyer, Lanny Davis, issued a secret record by Trump and Cohen talking about it.


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In the Cassette, Cohen Trump talks about the opening Speaking to a company to pay AMI boss David Pecker for all the stories that the company has on him. They wanted to do this if Pecker left the company and someone else came into possession of the unflattering stories.

About the stories: The Enquirer paid former playboy model Karen McDougal $ 150,000 for her story about a supposed 10-month Trump affair that began in 2006.

Pecker is a longtime friend of Trump and the story was never released.

For this story, Cohen paid the company $ 125,000 for the rights to their story. The Times reports a deal never realized for the company's other stories.

Pecker cooperated with prosecutors and entered into an immunity agreement to discuss Cohen's role and Trump's knowledge of payouts, the Wall Street Journal reports.

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