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Donald Trump not in contact with the food needs of the refugee federal workers

The Trump government is hopelessly absent from the struggles of dreaded federal employees

When the government's stalemate arrives on its 35th day and 800,000 federal employees continue to live without payroll, the leaders of our nation still say stupid things: Trade Secretary and Even the stout billionaire Wilbur Ross says he does not understand why sick workers would need help from food banks if they could get loans instead. In the meantime, Donald Trump believes people could persuade their local grocery stores to give them free food, which is almost as good as when he thought you needed I.D. To buy food.

And in other news …

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• In Japan, a sushi restaurant will serve chocolate fish for Valentine's Day. What effect such a diet has on the taste of the fish is unclear, but it makes the meat more alive. [SoraNews24]

• Tokyo reduces congestion on the subway by convincing commuters to travel on free soba and tempura during off-peak hours. [Quartz]

• Taco Bell now sells minced cheese in grocery stores in case you ever want a ranch cheese (?). [Bustle]

• A new report commissioned by Starbucks outlines some additional changes that the company must make in the aftermath of last year's racist arrest incident. This includes further employee training and incident reporting in the business. [Restaurant Business]

• Oprah's former boss Art Smith nourishes what it's like Michelle cooks Obama on her book tour. [People]

• Last but not least, this is a supercut of everything when Gordon Ramsay was interviewed during his appearance on the Hot Ones First We Feasts YouTube series, where they were celebrating spicy food took, an F-bomb was dropped: Eater.com

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