Tensions between DOJ leaders and Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller broke out in an extraordinary manner when Attorney General William Barr dropped his complaints about dealing with the Trump Russia Investigation Report. (1st of May)

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump praised Attorney General William Barr's performance during a four-hour Senate hearing on Wednesday, in which he said, "He did a fantastic job" and calls his appeals as his "abuse "That's the election for the president."

"He did a fantastic job today, I'm told. I have seen some of them. He has done a fantastic job, "the President said during an interview with Fox Business.

During his testimony, the Attorney General referred to his dealings with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller as to whether Russia had cooperated with Trump's election campaign during the 2016 presidential election, and expanded looking at possible obstacles to justice.

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Barr's appearance came less than 24 hours after Muller issued a rare statement protesting against the characterization of the Attorney General for obstructing justice, threatening to undermine the purpose of the investigation.

On Wednesday, Barr said he would not be brought before the Judiciary Committee of the P say arlaments. Representative Jerry Nadler, chairman of the committee, claimed he wanted to include the questioning of committee staff in addition to lawmakers, which Barr had previously said he would not do.


"Snitty". For example, Attorney General William Barr describes a letter from Special Representative Robert Mueller in which he expressed concern over his presentation of the Russia investigation. (1st of May)

Trump defended Barr's decision and said that he believes "they want to treat him differently than anyone else."

"For many, many years, they have never done so, where you bring in an outside council or something, you know, you pick people who should be able to have their own conversations," he said ,

According to Barr, a number of presidential candidates from 2020 called for his resignation. The former mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro, was the first, followed by Sens. Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar and former Vice President Joe Biden.

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While he had not heard of the demands for Barr's resignation, Trump rejected her as "ridiculous" off.

"He's a great man, he's an excellent lawyer," Trump said of Barr. "He has performed incredibly well today."

Trump criticized several candidates, including Harris, who, according to the president, "was probably very unpleasant."

"They ran three of them against me and they are up there, mad as madmen, and they run, and they run, and how is that fair?" Trump said.

"So you have Bill Barr, a respected, great Attorney General, and he has to take the abuse of people who are seeking his office," Trump said.

In an interview on Wednesday on MSNBC, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Barr had merely done the "work he did" and noted that his hearing as the "defense attorney for the president" would act as the law enforcer ,

Clinton, the Democrat candidate who lost to Trump in the 2016 elections, said she understood the demands for Barr's resignation, but said those calls were not realistic.

Clinton also discussed Mueller's report telling hostess Rachel Maddow she learned more about the efforts to violate her 2016 campaign, especially private emails stolen from her and the Democratic Party. Mueller wrote in his report that although the Trump campaign had not worked with the Kremlin to interfere in the election, the electoral helpers were eager for the aid and knew that they benefited from the foreign effort.

"[The] Russians were successful," said Clinton. "They have achieved what they had set out to do."

Contribution: Christal Hayes, USA TODAY.


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