General Motors announced plans to close three assembly plants, one each in Michigan, Ohio and Ontario before the end of 2019.

President Donald Trump once again attacked General Motors and its CEO, Mary Barra, over their plans to cut 14,000 jobs.

"I do not like what she did," Trump said during an interview with Fox Faulkner. "It was bad. Ohio will replace these jobs in two minutes. "

GM said on November 26 that it would shut down five factories, including the Lordstown Assembly in Ohio and the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly, as well as two US transmission companies and an assembly plant in Ontario. The company is also cutting 8,000 employees.

Read also: Whitmer meets Trump and expects "good working relationship" [194559008] More: General Motors closes plants in Detroit, Ohio, Canada [19659008] Trump was very critical of the move that undermined his election promises to revive manufacturing jobs in the United States.

"To say a few weeks before Christmas that it will close in Ohio and Michigan is unacceptable to me," Trump said. "General Motors will not be treated well."

Trump said the recently signed US trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, which revises NAFTA, "makes it really uncomfortable for people to leave the country, and I think it's uncomfortable." This is very unpleasant for her. "

Barra has said steadfastly that the company needs to reduce workers as it becomes a technology company that wants to develop electric and self-propelled vehicles to earn future revenue as transportation habits change. She traveled to Washington, DC to meet with the legislators from Ohio and Michigan, who have seen the cuts critically.

GM made the following statement on Thursday afternoon: "As mentioned earlier, our focus continues to be on our employees, who currently work in the affected plants in Maryland, Michigan and Ohio. Our announcement was timed so that interested employees from the beginning of 2019 in other GM plants receive job opportunities.

"We continue to produce great vehicles for our customers today, and we embrace our vision of a zero-free world in crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion.

The disused assembly shops ran far below their capacity and usually made limousines that sold poorly as consumers switched to SUVs and still bought record numbers of pickups.

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