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Donald Trump smokes over the closed GM Ohio facility

President Trump said Sunday that he spoke to General Motors CEO Mary Barra and told her he was disappointed with a closed auto repair shop in Ohio.

Trump confirmed his conversation with Barra on a Sunday tweet after he had smoked in other tweets about the plant in Lordstown, Ohio, shut down.

"I'm not happy it's closed when everything else in our country is BOOMING. I asked her to sell it or do something quickly. Trump wrote in the Tweet

broadcast at 18:27: "She accuses the UAW Union – I do not care, I want it to be open! "He added.

General Motors announced the closure of the plant in November, leaving 1

,500 people unemployed. In a statement at the time, GM cited "changed customer preferences in the US" when announcing the redundancies.

"General Motors needs to open their plant in Lordstown, Ohio, possibly in a different form or with a new owner, FAST!" Trump has tweeted. "Toyota is investing $ 13.5 billion in the US, others as well GM MUST Act Fast Time is Crucial! "

Trump also targeted the president of the local Auto Workers' Union, calling him a" Democrat "who must" bring his deed together. "

" I want fast against Lordstown. Stop complaining and do the work! Trump raged in the tweet on Sunday.

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