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Donald Trump's spontaneous press conference: The 40 wildest lines

Records of testimony from a number of witnesses before the House Intelligence Committee seem to confirm that there was a return between the US and Ukraine. He was ordered by a judge in New York to pay $ 2 million in compensation for using his Trump Foundation charitable foundation as a cover for his political interests. The Kentucky and Virginia elections indicated that democratic momentum in 2018 has not diminished. He has lost the appeal not to release his taxes. And so it continues.

And so it was a very frustrated president who greeted reporters on Friday morning before flying to Atlanta. I went through the transcript of Trump's comments – they lasted almost half an hour – and noted some of his more outlandish lines. They are down.


. "I just told them that I have to come by to see the wrong news, let's go."

I feel that Trump is reading my flashbacks of his press conferences and speeches. Speaking of which: And let's go!

. 2 "I'm not worried about anything."

The same.

3. "I mean, for the most part, I have never heard of these people, I have no idea who they are."

This is of course a strange statement. Trump "has never heard of the former US ambassador to Ukraine"? Give me a break.

4. "There are some very good people, they have some Never Trumpers, it seems nobody has first-hand knowledge, there is no first-hand knowledge."

Okay, two things here. First, there is zero evidence that all persons who testified in the hearings on impeachment are "Never Trumpers". Second, the expert of National Security Council of Ukraine Alexander Vindman, whose statement was released on Friday, was on call between Trump and the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. And he immediately reported the call to his supervisor as inappropriate.

5. "And all that matters is one thing: the protocol, and the protocol is perfect."

(Speaker voice) It is not.

. 6 "Well, they should not have public hearings, this is a joke, just like the Russian witch hunt, this is just a sequel."

Trump never goes into why he believes the house is not "not holding any public hearings. (These hearings are scheduled to start next week.) But if he really believes that it's a" joke " and does a "witch hunt", he does not want this to be revealed by public hearings?

7. "I saw him say very nice things about me last night. But we have to see. I have to see. "

Trump, who was asked about Jeff Sessions' newly announced bid for the Senate, proves it again – that he sees only cable television news.

8." I had a very good conversation with the President of Ukraine. I assume that's what you're talking about. The conversation was perfect. "

I know I walked across this floor before, but … what, exactly, is a" perfect "phone call, is it the content of the call? "The Link Clarity?"

9. And all you have to do is take a look at Biden, and you'll see tremendous corruption, because what he's done is 10 times. "

There are null Evidence of Joe Biden's wrongdoing in the face of the ousting of a Ukrainian prosecutor Biden stood in his service as vice president before a comprehensive coalition effort aimed at dismissing the prosecutor as he did not was willing to investigate corruption. [Read more] 10. "Be Quiet, Quiet, Quiet, Quiet."

Only the President of the United States told a reporter to stop asking a question. Very normal stuff! There is nothing to see here, people!

11. "Alabama is a place where my registration numbers are very good, I think I won 42 points."

(Narrator) It was 28 points.

12. "We'll see what happens, I mean, we'll see what happens."

This is Trump on whether there will be a China trade agreement. He also says, "We'll see what happens," if he has no idea what to say. [19659013] 13. "Well, now you have really shaped my behavior, because from the day I walked in, I had problems with wrong things, like a wrong dossier that turned out to be wrong, like wrong investigations that I did So much of my behavior was influenced by the wrong news and the other side, which was a big part of my behavior. "

This is demonstrably wrong. Even a glimpse of Trump's life before politics shows the same behavioral pattern he has shown in office: bullying, vengeful and always, always things in motion his favor.

14. "I caught the swamp, I caught them all."

[Stifles Lachen]

15. "I have all this corruption that was going on, [19659002] (snorting)

16. "My charity was great, I have given away a lot of money."

Former New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood said, that their investigation of the Trump Foundation "created a shocking pattern of Trump Foundation illegality – including repeated and unlawful coordination with Trump's presidential campaign, arbitrary action, and much more." So, yes – "great."

17. "New York is a corrupt state, it's a corrupt state, it's a shame. "

Wait, wait. Is not Trump the president of all 50 states? Including New York?

18. "I gave away $ 19 million, and what happened, instead of saying, 'Thank you, great,' they hit me with a lawsuit, and it was started by a man who had to get out for beating up women. "

The man in question is Eric Schneiderman, former Attorney General of New York, resigned in May 2018 after several women attacked him. It is noteworthy that Trump was exposed in the run up to more than a dozen women sexual harassment in the 2016 elections.

19. "I had a call, I'm sure it was alright, I mean, you know, I have to – I'm talking on the phone."


20. "I am very transparent, no one is more transparent than me."

Donald Trump was the first major party candidate in modern memory who refused to issue one of his earlier tax returns. He is also the first president after Watergate who refused to do so.

21. "And if I had not done it and if I had not published it, it would have been a problem because the wrong whistleblower said something about the call, many things that were wrong." [19659012] Nothing that has come out publicly denies the whistleblower's original eight-page complaint. In fact, everything that we have learned since then has supported the initial complaint.

22. "Just let me tell you, I hardly know the Lord."

Ha, ha, ha … oh wait, he does not joke. Trump speaks here about Gordon Sondland. Yes, the same Sondland, who donated $ 1 million to Trump's founding committee and was rewarded with a post as US ambassador to the European Union he had never heard of!

[1945900] 3] 23. "All who have testified, even those who hate Trump, they were all well, they have nothing."

So many ways to do that, but I go that way: There is NO evidence that any of the people are "Trump haters" or have feelings towards the president. He only invents things.

24. "And if I asked Bill Barr to hold a press conference, he would probably, but I never asked him to hold a press conference, why should I?"

Really amazing stuff here. Trump did not ask the attorney general to hold a press conference to rid him of any wrongdoing in the Ukraine issue – as the Washington Post reported. But if he had asked, Barr would have done it. For sure!

25th "They lost a choice and they lost it big."

(Spokeswoman) Hillary Clinton won the referendum with nearly 3 million.

26. "Interestingly, if you look at the polls that just came out, my polls have expired."

Again, that's just wrong.

27th "And I tell you, the whistleblower, I call him the wrong whistleblower, he gave a false account of my call."

I'll record myself and say, "Nothing the whistleblower has claimed to be wrong or in any way inaccurate." And then just press "PLAY" over and over again.

28. "My call was perfect, it made it sound bad, so I had to release."

The protocol simply does not say what Trump thinks it says.

29th "The whistleblower is a shame on our country, a shame, and that's why the whistleblower should be revealed."

That's really awesome stuff. The whistleblower followed the procedures established for this case. And (Hits PLAY) "Nothing the whistleblower claims has been proven in any way to be false or inaccurate." Yet Trump says that the person is a "shame" and demands that their identity be revealed. Look products.

30. "And his lawyer, who said the worst two years ago, should be charged, and perhaps for high treason, perhaps for high treason."

The whistleblower's lawyer should be charged with treason?!?! What exactly? Oh, Trump does not explain it.

31. "(Ship) wrote a speech and he put my voice in. He wrote a speech that has nothing to do with what I said."

Trump has picked up this argument that is so stupid and so slightly wrong. Please read this about it. I beg you.

32nd "They went out and went out of their way to find the people who most hated Donald Trump, President Trump."

No. Proofs. Any. Witnesses. Hate. Trump.

33. "We're so big, my polls are the highest ever, I'm the leader in every state, in every swing state."

34. "Nancy Pelosi should return to her neighborhood, which is awful, it's dirty, it's drugged, the stuff gets flown into the ocean – it's wiped out by their drainage systems into the ocean. " [19659002] As a reminder: Donald Trump is also president of the Nancy Pelosi district!

35. "We're doing very well with African Americans."

In a national CNN poll in September, 9% of African Americans who supported Trump's job made it to 86% who rejected it.

36th "I know Michael, he just became nothing, he was really nothing, he will not do it well, but I think he will actually hurt Biden, but he does not have the magic to do it well."

Michael Bloomberg: He just does not have the magic.

37. "Little Michael will fail, he's going to spend a lot of money, he's got some really big problems, he has some personal problems and he has a lot of other problems."

The president of today.

38. "There's no one I would rather run against than little Michael."

Trump, as it should be, has the same thing about Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and practically that whole democratic field said.

] 39. "Just so you know we have the highest poll ratings, we have the most energy."


40. "I have to do what the lawyers say to some degree, not always, but to a degree."

Oh yes. I understand it – to some extent. This feels like a good place to quit.

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