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Dorian still hits Canada with hurricane winds – latest route, path, models, weather forecast today – live updates

Dorian recovery crisis with dwindling supplies in the Bahamas

Dorian Facts

  • The Bahamas are recovering after Dorian depleted the islands for 48 hours and killed at least 43 people.
  • Nearly 70,000 people are considered homeless in the Bahamas.
  • At least two people were killed in North Carolina.
  • The storm arrived in Nova Scotia on Saturday night as a post-tropical cyclone with hurricanes.
  • Half a million people in Nova Scotia experienced power outages; Service may take days to be restored.

Dorian went on to whip eastern Canada with hurricane-force winds, landing in Nova Scotia on Saturday, according to a 2 pm. ET Sunday Advice from the National Hurricane Center. Dorian traveled across the northeastern Gulf of St. Lawrence and is 40 miles east of Chevery, Quebec and about 1

45 miles northeast of Cape St. George, Newfoundland. It had maximum sustained winds of 75 mph and moved northeast at 25 miles per hour. Boats were pulled out of the water on Friday in Hyannis, Massachusetts, and ferries wagged their fees to bring residents back to the mainland on the nearby islands.

] The monster storm was blamed for at least 43 deaths in the Bahamas. It is a number that officials warn will increase with certainty if thousands of people are missing. Nearly 70,000 people are said to be homeless on the islands, said the United Nations on Friday.

The torrents have fallen in the storm-ravaged Outer Banks of North Carolina.

  dorian-2p-sunday.png "height =" 509 "width =" 620 "class =" lazyload "srcset =" https://cbsnews3.cbsistatic.com/hub/i/r/2019/09/08 / 0134e5af-81b1-47c5-8100-c35439a72f62 / thumbnail / 620x509 / 5c4a44c94e135e8afc9cd6d2dacc27c5 / dorian-2p-sunday.png 1x "srcset =" Data: image / svg + xml,% 3Csvg% 20xmlns% 3D & # 39; http% 3A% 2F% 2Fwww.w3.org% 2F2000% 2F 0% 200% 20620% 20509% 2F% 3E "/> </span><figcaption class= This image shows the projected path of Hurricane Dorian on September 8, 2019

National Hurricane Center

Follow the live coverage of the storm below.

FAA issues temporary flight restrictions for Bahamas.

According to the US Federal Aviation Administration, a temporary flight restriction was issued for Bahamian airspace.

"At the request of the Bahamian Government, the FAA has issued a temporary flight restriction for US aircraft and pilots entering the Bahamian airspace in areas affected by hurricane Dorian for air space for search and rescue and humanitarian assistance ", according to a statement by the FAA.

Blackouts in Nova Scotia

Dorian landed Saturday night near Sambo Creak, Nova Scotia, about 24 km south of Halifax. The storm brought maximum sustained winds of 160 km / h and plunged parts of Nova Scotia into the darkness.

Initially, Nova Scotia Power Inc. reported that more than 300,000 customers were powerless in parts of Halifax, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. An update from the National Hurricane Center revised this figure to half a million.

CEO Karen Hutt told The Associated Press that 1,000 workers were ready to restore power as soon as conditions became secure enough. It could take days for the power to be fully restored.

Bahamas gets into conflict with Dorian

Dorian recovers as supplies in the Bahamas fade

The humanitarian crisis in the Bahamas is getting worse almost a week after Hurricane Dorian. The death toll is currently 43 and is expected to increase significantly.

Food, water and other supplies are running out quickly.

More than 1,000 people evacuated from the Caribbean arrived on a cruise ship in Florida on Saturday. reports Errol Barnett.

He noted that the CBS news also featured long queues of freeport banks and grocery stores as residents tried to return to normalcy. One resident said it could take a few years to recover completely.

CBS News also came across an Equinor Oil complex hit by the storm. In a statement, Equinor Oil said it protects the environment and has "detected no oil on beaches and we have not seen any oil leaking from our terminal to the sea".

However, widespread contamination seems obvious. It is just another aspect of the restoration that the Bahamian government needs to address.

– Errol Barnett

North Carolina Values ​​Dorian Damage

North Carolina Values ​​Hurricane Dorian Damage

North Carolina is sending aid to its Outer Banks. Help comes from the air this weekend – helicopters rescue people from their drought-prone homes – and the sea, where ferry services bring food, water and other nutritional supplements to residents cut off from the mainland.

Despite a commitment, the evacuation order for Ocracoke Island left an estimated 800 people dead in their homes on Friday as the Category 1 storm hit the tiny barrier island. Search and rescue teams went from door to door, sometimes by boat, to search for residents.

Elsewhere in North Carolina, Dorian damaged parts of the main road on the outer shores. Some sections of the road were overturned by the waves. State officials say it could take weeks to repair the roads. Flooded roads and run-down power lines also made it difficult to get around.

Wind gusts over 70 miles per hour damaged trees and some houses, and had the residents pick up Dorian.

– Omar Villafranca

Governor of North Carolina confirms second hurricane death

The governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, confirmed during a press conference on Saturday that one more person was found dead after Hurricane Dorian has been. At least two people have died in North Carolina.

Cooper described the second victim as a 67-year-old man from Pamlico County. The man was said to have fallen off the ladder during the preparation for the storm.

Cooper toured several storm-affected regions, including Ocracoke Island and Emerald Isle.

"Overall, this could have been much worse for our state," Cooper admitted. "The people who suffered significant wind damage – that's a bad situation for them, but in North Carolina, we'll pull ourselves together and work to … get back to normal as soon as possible." 19659044] The Coast Guard Saves 290 in the Bahamas

The Coast Guard Saves Dozens After Hurricane Dorian

The US Coast Guard said it has rescued at least 290 people in the Bahamas since the hurricane devastated the island chain this week. Six MH-60 Jayhawk helicopters carried out search and rescue operations and provided logistical support.

Last week, CBS Evening News flew with the Coast Guard over the hurricane-hit islands.

"Our main mission is search and rescue, we can make some losses by plane to save a life, but our main job is to save a life," Lieutenant Julianna White told CBS News.

The Air Station of the Coast Guard in Miami is no stranger to these missions. In 2005, they rescued nearly 800 people after Hurricane Katrina. Lieutenant Jillian Harner said even a rescue makes the hard work worthwhile.

"It's definitely an honor, you have a rescue, it's the best feeling, it's worth the training you've done," Harner said.

Cruise Ship Evacuated 1,500 in the Bahamas

The Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line helped evacuate more than 1,500 people from the island of Grand Bahama. The cruise ship took evacuees to West Palm Beach, Florida.

"Every donation we have received has been instrumental in our mission to provide help and support to our brothers and sisters on Grand Bahama Island – our beloved second home. Together with first responders and volunteers, we were able to benefit the people of Bahamas Provide food, water, personal care, medical supplies, generators, and other much-needed supplies. "

" Catastrophic "Floods in North Carolina [19659017] A video taken by sheriff deputies shows a top view of the destruction, Dorian left when the storm hit the coast of North Carolina.

Thelma Horner, 95, almost lost part of her house when gusts of wind tore an 80-foot tree out of town.

"I'm glad it's on the street and not in the yard," she said. The rough surf of Dorian has washed away a third of this long-standing pier.

First Responders carry out rescue operations on the heavily flooded Ocracoke Island. An estimated 800 inhabitants have resisted evacuation orders for the island, which can only be reached by plane or boat.

Governor Roy Cooper described the flood as catastrophic. "Currently, the island has no electricity and many of the houses are still under water," Cooper said in a press conference.

New Jersey and New York officials have banned swimming and surfing on their beaches while Dorian sets off for Canada. The National Weather Service predicts sea thresholds of up to 3 meters, but some locals are not so worried.

76,000 people in need of assistance in the Bahamas

"CBS Evening News" landed in a new shelter for survivors who waited days for terminal seats. Most are homeless now. Maxine Ferguson and her two teenage sons slept on a makeshift bed. "Abaco has always been my home," she said.

Your home was 24 kilometers away. The hotel she works in is gone, too.

"If there's nothing here, we can not work, we can not make any money, we can not pay bills, we can not do anything, I would love to come back, it hurts me, but my children", Ferguson said.

Waiting, a group of Abacos residents are queuing up. There are 76,000 people who need help, including survivors with medical needs. Pregnant women and children must be evacuated as a priority.

A few hours after CBS News hit Ferguson, she was told that a plane was coming for her. She wants to go to Nassau, where she has family. But she said, like so many in the Bahamas, they have no home insurance and no means to rebuild.

– Nikki Battiste reports from Nassau

"There's nothing I could save"

Residents Waiting for Water in Long Queues on Grand Bahama Island

CBS News saw long lines on Friday of people waiting for food and water on the island of Grand Bahama. The crew also witnessed the devastation left by Dorian.

It was bittersweet for Kenneth Knowles and his family to take a ferry to Freeport overnight. "We've suffered catastrophic damage to our business, and now we're going home to try and see what's there," he said.

They were aboard a ship carrying much-needed humanitarian aid to those most affected by the storm. As soon as CBS News arrived in Freeport and set off, people stood for hours hoping to get ice and water.

Brenda Suberallen rode out of the storm in Freeport and returned to her uprooted house to rescue what she could. "There's nothing I could really save, nothing," she said.

The farther east, the worse it gets. Then the only highway ends over the island. The main street of Freeport was completely destroyed. Many people left their vehicles at the roadside. That is one reason why it is so difficult to get help through the country.

Keeno Lettice and his father try to make contact with friends they have not spoken to since the storm. When they saw the condition of the road, they turned back.

– Errol Barnett reports from the island of Grand Bahama.

Crews rescue stranded North Carolina residents.

Hundreds of stranded residents after Dorian hit the North Carolina coast. [19659025] A rescue operation is underway along the North Carolina coast. Hundreds who refused to evacuate Ocracoke Island were stranded when Dorian hit the Outer Banks on Friday morning.

Late Friday afternoon, the first helicopter started for Ocracoke as the wind abated to rescue the nearly 800 people trapped there. Dorian's howling winds, pouring rains and swirling seas surprised many of the hurricane-hardened inhabitants of the island.

"All this happened in a few minutes, it's coming in. It's coming in under the door," said a homeowner.

People who resisted a prescribed evacuation order fell into a storm surge of up to seven feet and were forced to a higher level.

we had four feet of water and it continued to rise, "said Benny Lacks.

Those who could do so went by boat.

– Omar Villafranca

Officials urged," Showing Their Faces "in the Bahamas

Bahamas strike on government because of disaster response:" We're on our own "

A volunteer firefighter in the Bahamas urged government officials to come to the remote islands hit by Dorian "People become violent, angry, upset, and we try to get our government officials involved. If you see that, please come down here and show your faces, "Greg Johnson told CBS News on Treasure Cay.

" We need you to show your faces here so people can understand and know it You're interested, "said Johnson," at this time we are on our own, and the US is the only place that helps us. "

Renowned chef José Andrés has brought food to the United States through his nonprofit World Central Kitchen Andrés told CBS News he had asked the Bahamian authorities where he should go, and received no response.

David Begnaud

Chief José Andrés brings thousands of courts to the Bahamas [19659024] Chef José Andrés on his mission to deliver thousands of meals to the Bahamas.

Chef José Andrés, whose World Central Kitchen delivers food after natural disasters, has his missio transferred to a remote island cut off from Hurricane Dorian. CBS News flew with Andrés to Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas.

Andres started with a helicopter that contained so much water and food that part of it was in his lap.

"We will deliver 7,400 food, but for me that's half of what we should already do," he said.

When he landed in Green Turtle Cay, people were waiting. On the island, with only 550 inhabitants, it looked as if almost every building had been damaged or destroyed. People said they had no power and they needed help.

From there, Andrés made his way to Treasure Cay. A woman in the community center told the cook what she needed for the community of about 1,500 people. "What we need is noodles, pasta sauce, canned goods, rice, semolina, shelf-stable," she said.

– David Begnaud

"I should have been dead": Survivors face an uncertain future in the Bahamas

Survivors of Hurricane Dorian face an uncertain future in the Bahamas

The neighborhoods were destroyed after Dorian's winds broke through the Bahamas at 185 mph. Some people are learning the fate of their loved ones.

"I'm glad to be alive, this is the second time in my life that I should be dead," said Doug, a 75-year-old man who did not want to give his surname.

He told CBS Evening News a terrible story about survival after his house, a boat, was swept away and left him in dreadful waters. He was rescued from Abaco Island on Wednesday and flown to Princess Margaret Hospital just in time to protect his legs from amputation.

"I believe in God," he said.

About 21 kilometers from the hospital helicopters continue to fly in survivors, such as the one-year Reign and her mother Ostina Dean.

"What kept me going was the kid, that was it, I looked at her and was like no, my baby did not go out that way," said Dean.

Her entire family was rescued by Abaco Island on Thursday, including eleven-year-old Zion. His young eyes witnessed far more than any child would ever have.

"My heart just stopped … I panicked, I opened my eyes wide, I could not believe what I saw," he said.

– Nikki Battiste

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