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Dota 2 announces Auto Chess Game, Dota Underlords


Aaaaund it is finally here!

A new Dota 2 game called Dota Underlords has been announced. This is a stand-alone game by Auto Chess inspired by Drodo Studio's Dota 2 custom modification. They worked on their own version of Auto Chess and said that more information will be released in the future.

Dota Underlords has eight players fighting each other for supremacy, White Spire.

All Dota 2 Battle Pass owners will be able to join the beta on Thursday, and after about a week of "stress testing" the servers are expected to have an open beta.

Open Beta players can play online against seven other players and practice their skills offline Play against bots and team while playing against bots or other players in a group.

Dota Underlords is free from the beginning of the open beta and is available on Steam, iOS and Android. Open Beta launch features include Ranked Matchmaking, Cross-Play on all devices, and Ranked and Progression sharing on all devices.

Dota 2 is on the list of the best games that can currently be played on the PC, and the International 1

9 tournament of the game. This year, the prize pool was endowed with nearly $ 6 million in one day.

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