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Dow breaks 28,000 with a big push from a company

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has crossed another important milestone on Friday: 28,000.

After spending most of the day near this level, he prompted Twitter. The Index became aware of the White House and prevailed just before the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange. Apple fueled the surge, gaining nearly 31 percent in 90 trading sessions since the index reached 27,000 and added more than 421 points. The growth of the technology giant was due to two quarters of the strong quarterly result and the robust demand for the new iPhone 1


A party that would like to experience a beautiful, big and juicy recession. "President Trump tweeted on Friday morning.

Republican Trump has repeatedly complained that an impeachment investigation is not justified in the democratically controlled House of Representatives, arguing that his removal was warranted. This would harm the economy.

Along with Apple, a handful of other heavyweights contributed to the meteoric rise of the Dow since July 11. JPMorgan Chase and United Technologies both gained more than 13 percent over the period, earning 220 points the advance.

Ticker Security Last Change Change%
AAPL APPLE INC. 265.76 +3.12 + 1.15 19659017] JPM [1 [9659013] JP ​​MORGAN CHASE & CO] BA BOEING COMPANY 371.68 +4.24 + 1 , 15%

Even Boeing, who has dealt with the consequences of two fatal accidents with his 737 Max aircraft, has provided a boost. The aircraft manufacturer's shares have risen 3.6 percent since the Dow crossed the 27,000-meter high plateau. All profits came after the company's forecast on Monday that the best-selling jetliner will be back in service in January.


As fast as the Dow has risen from 27,000 to 28,000, the tempo is nowhere near the fastest index of 1,000 points. This award goes from 25,000 to 26,000, which was 4.15 percent at the beginning of 2018 and was held over a period of eight days, according to Dow Jones Market Data.


By comparison, the slowest increase was the increase from 1,000 to 2,000, which the Dow reached in January 1987 after 21,652 days. Of course, the index had to gain in this case by 99.59 percent.

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