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Download APK] Google Messages v5.0 synchronizes the dark mode with the Android 10 system theme and restores the emoji linkage

Android 10 may not have brought the most extensive changes the OS has ever seen, but some of the new features were certainly popular with users. Among other things, there is a system-wide dark mode setting that allows apps to automatically adjust their color palette accordingly. This still requires apps that actually support the mode switch, and since the latest release of Google Messages, there's another one that made the change.

What's new?

Unofficial change log: (what we found) [19659004] Android 10 Dark Mode Support

  • Return of Emoji Link
  • Dark Mode Support

    Links: Messages v4.8 , Middle + Right: News v5.0.

    As you can see in the first screenshot, there is a conflict in the background between the system color and the app. At the second shot, the app now corresponds to the system setting.

    Left: Messages v4.8. Correct: News v5.0.

    Note: The menu command to toggle the dark mode has been removed so you can not change the topic in messages without changing the system mode

    Of course, the dark mode selector is still present on devices with Android 9 Pie and earlier.

    Emoji linking

    Left: News v4.8. Middle + Right: News v5.0.

    Earlier versions of messages may have a smiley button on the right side of the message box that allows users to quickly access emoji. Perhaps it was particularly helpful if you used a keyboard that did not have anything similar. This button seems to have been limited in circulation and eventually disabled for everyone. It seems, however, to be back, and probably forever this time.

    After updating multiple devices, the button is back on all devices, and this seems to be confirmed by a number of commenters on reddit. Since the update itself is still in a limited rollout, there is still the possibility that this is not yet universal, but it looks like this.

    Left: Messages v4.8. Correct: News v5.0.

    As a side effect, the short emoji line in the attachment menu has been removed.

    Also, if you pay close attention, you may have noticed a change to the photo attachments icon. The camera shape is slightly smaller and the background field has increased in size and now has a shape.


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