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Download NVIDIA FrameView v0.9.4124.26691055

FrameView is NVIDIA's proprietary benchmark graphics software based on PresentMon that measures frame rates, power consumption, and frame rates. The company offers the release as a public beta of the software.

FrameView is not limited to Nvidia GPUs themselves, but AMD or Intel GPUs can be used. The only requirement is Windows 10 as operating system, the application also supports multiple GPUS, G-Sync / FreeSync and almost all games. OpenGL, Vulkan and DirectX 9 to 12 are supported and FrameView can also handle games from the Windows Store (Universal Windows Platform).

In addition to the average frame rate, the software can also detect the 90th, 95th, and 99th percentiles of frame rates, and it's immediately apparent how many frames were "missed." Power consumption and power per watt are also displayed, although some nuances must be specified. Nvidia calls the power consumption of AMD cards inaccurate because it has no access to the actual consumption values ​​and is therefore more of a calculated estimate. The app provides an overlay view that appears over the games.

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