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Dozens of officers injured in protest in Memphis after forces have killed people

Several law enforcement officials in Memphis were injured in a protest that began after federal officials killed a man they wanted to arrest on Wednesday.

A driver attempted to rally law enforcement vehicles with several criminal orders as officials According to Keli McAlister, Information Officer of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, a fleeting task force of the US Marshal Regional Service tried him at 19.00 in Memphis & # 39; Frayser Community. The man, who was not publicly identified, then got out of the vehicle with a gun, McAlister said.

"The officers fired, hit and killed the person," McAlister said. No police officers were injured in the incident, she said.

After the shootout, a crowd gathered to protest the shootings.

Memphis police officers not involved in the shootout were called in to help. Some in the crowd threw stones and other items at the police, local media reported.

Shelby County Sheriff's Deputies Fight Against the Crowd As Protesters Anger the Streets of the Frayser Township to Protest a US Adolescent's Homicide in the Spring Wednesday Night, June 12, 2019 in Memphis, Tennessee. Jim Weber / AP

About 25 officials among all the agencies that responded were injured, said Michael Rallings, Memphis Police Director, at a press conference, though he said it most

"The officers have today In the evening, they did a tremendous job of restraint in a very volatile situation, "said Rallings. He said the officers had to put on protective gear when the crowd threw items, and a "chemical agent" was used to disperse the crowd.

Jim Strickland, Mayor of Memphis, said in an online statement released Thursday that six of the injured officers were taken to the hospital, and that at least two journalists were also injured.

The Memphis police said three people had been arrested during the violence.

The mayor said that police cars had been destroyed and windows had been broken out at a fire station. "Let me be clear – the aggression against our officers and deputies tonight was unjustified," Strickland said in the statement.

The shooting included officers of the United States Marshals Service – Regional Fugitive Task Force of the Gulf Coast, the Tennessee Bureau of A Investigative Investigating the Shootout, Provided a Statement.

Officers were seen wearing protective clothing, and a video of the scene showed a police car with a broken window, NBC subsidiary WMC from Memphis reported.

A Memphis Police Officer The police officer examines a damaged patrol car after protesters rage at the streets of the Frayser township because they meet a teenager from US Marshals in Memphis, Tennessee, on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 had shot. Mark Weber / AP

Some in the crowd dispersed at 10:00 pm under the rain, reported the Commercial Appeal newspaper from Memphis.

Tami Sawyer, Commissioner of Shelby County, said that about 300 people joined the protest against the shooting. "Every lost life should play a role … every single one, how often will that be okay? It can not stay that way anymore," she tweeted after she went to the Frayser area, according to the state Investigation authority in a northern area of ​​Memphis.

McAlister said the investigation into the shooting by an official has not been completed. Asked how many marshals had opened the fire, McAlister said it was part of the investigation, but that several marshals were on the ground.

The police chief recognized those in the community who were trying to dispel the situation.

"I want people who did not choose to commit acts of violence against police officers who showed restraint – I know there were many people in the crowd trying to help keep everyone quiet," Rallings said ,

"My message tonight That's when we should all wait and make sure that we know exactly what happened before we disseminate misinformation or come to conclusions," he said. He said the police support protests, "but we will not allow acts of violence, we will not allow property destruction."

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