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Dr. Disrespect responds well to a huge twitch donation

Twitch Sensation Guy & # 39; Dr. Disrespect & # 39; Beahm responded in an eccentric manner after receiving a huge $ 2,500 donation while streaming Apex Legends.

Dr. Disrespect is known for his hyperbolic behavior in the stream and in the off-stream, often exchanging jokes with other creators, such as: Michael's Shroud & # 39; Grzesiek and Tyler & # 39; ninja & # 39; Blevins. He's one of Twitch's most successful content developers, with over 3.3 million followers.

The Doc flocked to Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends on March 29, the Titanfall-style Battle Royale, when he was notified by Twitch of a big donation and responded the way Doc could.

Dr disrespect

The Doc has almost exclusively streamed Apex Legends since it was released in February.

Donations are very common for big twitch streamer, but usually range between $ 5 and $ 20] The Doc won in Apex Legends and played with Krafty and TSM Viss when the donation came. "Woah, woah, woah woah, woah!" He said. "Did you mean $ 2.50?"

"$ 255 donation, ladies and gentlemen," he continued, before shouting, "Two thousand five hundred dollars do not listen to me!" 2500 dollar donation says, Doctor, it's nice to see you To ruin these fools in the Battle Royale scene and continue the fight. "

The Doc Signs By Crying Something Before He Says He Believes This Week was the most incredible of his streaming careers in terms of donations

Dr. Disrespect has grown again thanks to the popularity of Apex Legends and his often eccentric behavior during the game as well as his natural game valley.

By putting the jokes aside, the incredible reaction of the Doc shows show how much he appreciates the donation, and his commitment to his character, which is currently running.

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