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Dr. Steven Eisenberg earns four X during "America's Got Talent"

Dr. Steven Eisenberg an oncologist from San Diego, California, performed an original song for his loving mother on June 26th in the episode "America's Got Talent." After the four "AGT" judges – Howie Mandel Simon Cowell Mel B and Heidi Klum – all met her X, Steven's mother could not hold back her feelings. She broke away from the host Tyra Banks grabbed a microphone and then joined her son on stage, where she went ballistic to the judges. Watch the auditioning of "Americas Got Talent" above and read her comments below.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute" she explained. "You can not forget, he's not here because he's a singer, he's here because he's a compassionate person and he writes from his heart and he wrote this song for us so it's not about his voice, it works around his heart, and that's what [the patients] loves. "

" Okay, Mom, back to Tyra, "said an embarrassed Steven as he tried to knock his mother off the stage. But she was not done yet.

When Simon tried to start the vote, she interjected, "Howie, I want to tell you, I understand how your mother needs to feel." Elsewhere, right? You were a doctor.

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The judges began voting "no" one after another, which made Steven's mother even more angry. "I just want to tell you that he so great. Can you imagine that a mother has a son who writes a song about her? It's pretty amazing. "

After Steven and his mother left the stage, Simon turned to his directioners and remarked," That was very uncomfortable, by the way. "

In his "AGT" summary, our live blogger summarizes John Benutty : "As an oncologist, Dr. Steven Eisenberg began writing and performing songs for his patients, but now he comes to & # 39; AGT's to broaden his practice by inspiring his message of love outside the hospital walls, tonight he wrote and played an original dedicated to his mother, the song was not exactly the healing type of medicine and inspired four Xs in quick succession, starting with Mel and Heidi, then Simon and ending with Howie The judges admire his devotion to his patients, but despite a desperate request on the stage from his mother, the jury stuck to their no votes and sent for him Home. "

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