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Dragon Ball Super: Broly's villains are creating an interesting future for the series

Dragon Ball Super: Broly the newest feature film and the twentieth in the series, is almost played out in the second half. However, the first parts delve deeper into the myth of the series, focus on the Saiyan race before they are destroyed, and introduce Frieza as their new emperor.

This history lesson (which includes a bite-sized Vegeta and Raditz-Kau landscape) shows how much the Dragon Ball universe has changed on Earth since the arrival of Goku. And the end of the movie sets a different expectation for its villains – one that could influence all future Dragon Ball stories from now on.

[ Ed. Note: This post contains important spoilers for Dragon Ball Super: Broly .]

What happened to Frieza

is to call Broly a villain in something misleading. Instead, the now-canonized fighter is more of a dull, uncontrollable object toward which Frieza is directed.

After Frieza returned from the dead in the saga of the tournament of power and finally realized that he might never fit Goku and Vegeta, Frieza begins to play a new role in this film: snooping opportunist.

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super are filled with big villains. But nobody is comparable to Frieza. Since his first appearance, the Emperor of Universe 7 has been the perfect villain against whom to defend himself. He's rude, he's pompous, and he enjoys it just as much to watch how angry he gets when he's beaten out of the chimney by Goku and his friends.

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Frieza is the perfect B Odd, but the Saiyans have grown far beyond. Bringing him back as a Golden Frieza can only bring the villain so far, and that's best of all, he should never be the bad guy keeping up with the guys about transformations and energy gains. He has done it once, but never again.

Broly returns him to the one he was before we ever saw him getting up from his chair and transforming. Broly turns Frieza into the evil ruler in which he was literally born and manipulates the people standing beneath him to make his bid.

In modern times – there are 12 different universes Frieza knows that world domination only means so much – the villain is less a series of big bad guys than a heel. Late 1945 Broly sets up the original alien villain of Dragon Ball Z to bring together more powerful fighters for the boys.

Frieza seems less interested in destroying his enemies than testing them and destroying their happy lives. A modern Frieza would be more pleased to force Vegeta to leave Trunks birthday party to save the universe than to believe that the Saiyan suffered a painful death. The world of the Dragon Ball has changed, and Frieza has changed despite his longtime absence.

But in a series in which bad guys regularly switch sides, Frieza does not feel next to the Z Fighters. Instead, he will float in space and sometimes offer his services for the common good – he is particularly interested in his own piece of cake – or he annoys the protagonists with stronger fighters who fight in his name over the years.

It is the role that Frieza should play in the series and seeing him return there is one of the highlights of Broly .

What happens to Broly

If it was not clear enough of the trailers, Broly is not bad in this movie – though he's not really misunderstood. Instead, he is a tool for stronger-willed men.

Throughout the movie, we see Brolyy's father chase him around, and then see Frieza seduce him into arguing. But Broly is unable to understand the fight for sport or anything other than survival.

He has no social skills and can not understand any deeper motivations of characters. With all the destruction he causes, he knows nothing better. He has lost control of his power. It is sad and often quite hard to see how Goku and Vegeta beat him within an inch of his life.

Unlike Vegeta, Broly does not need a complex history of salvation. When Goku visits Broly at the end of the film, it is understood that there is no animosity there. Goku wants a powerful ally against whom to train his power, and Broly needs someone like Goku to teach him how to control his abilities.

  Dragon Ball Super: Broly - Broly as Legendary Super Saiyajin

Broly is the legendary Super Saiyajin.
Toei-Animation / Funimation

Broly can be seen on a less than hospitable planet, but in the film. This leaves him with more potential than ever in a Dragon Ball character – maybe even more than Goku. With Frieza it's easy to see his future as a master manipulator, but Broly is a bit harder to track.

If anything, Broly is the sparring partner. Goku needs more powerful enemies to attack and allies to train with. Creator Akira Toriyama has proven in the past 20 years that he will never run out of enemies, but Vegeta has had trouble staying with Goku for a decade. Broly offers unlimited potential. He and Goku can theoretically grow together forever.

If Goku and his friends can help make Broly a functional member of society, there is much potential for the Saiyan trio to save the galaxy. But no matter where Broly lands in the long run, he is in the perfect position to reintroduce Toriyama's surprise character, when Goku and Vegeta become too dreadful to cope – a Deus ex machina that ends all de ex machina. 19659028] Broly and Frieza will appear again in the series, there is no doubt about that. But for Dragon Ball fans, the difference between their ends is probably the most exciting aspect of the movie. By setting up these two iconic characters in two completely unique positions, Toriyama has opened up the power cap and provided a perfect vehicle for new and powerful beings to fight Goku.

Due to Broly villains – not our usual heroes – the future of Dragon Ball looks brighter than in the past few years.

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