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Drake Appoints the Creator of the "In My Feelings" Challenge for Star-Studded Music Video

Drake's "In My Feelings" issue officially closes.

The 31-year-old rapper released on Thursday the music video for his latest single, which seduces in the face of the myriad clips of The Viral Dance seducing the song currently on the internet. But Drizzy welcomed the meme of the moment, went to New Orleans and recorded a star cast of cameos for the clip, including LaLa Anthony as the central KeKe of the song and Cosley Show legend Phylicia Rashad as her curious mother, who only wants Drake, to "get his Jordans off their sidewalk".

"This is not a Taye Diggs movie, sir," Rashad tells the rapper in the clip. "You're a grown man, carry your ass home now."

The rest of the video is a colorful love letter to the Big Easy, with Bourbon Street festivities and performances by Big Freedia and City Girls ̵

1; Yung Miami – both appearing on the track. Even Drake's NOLA label colleague Lil Wayne is in the spirit when dancers perform in front of a giant mural of the "Got Money" rapper. And, of course, viral star Shiggy turns up as Drake pays tribute to the viral star who launched the entire challenge.

In a witty twist, the video claims that the whole of "In My Feelings" rages was an invention of Drake as the rapper wakes up in a tourbus after his visions of "KeKe" turned into Shiggy, shirtless.

"I just had a dream that I made a song about a girl," he tells his friend, sorting the memories. "I was from New Orleans, I liked having a grill in my mouth, and then the boy from New York, who spits, if he talks all the time, has some dancing to it, and then the world danced and Will Smith was there … It was awful! "

The video ends with Drake being prompted by an overzealous PA – also played by Shiggy – before seeing some of the most viral" In My Feelings "challenge videos from the DJ Khaled, Leslie Jones, Ryan Seacrest, the queer eye guys, and of course, Smith's epic sequel to a bridge top in Budapest.

More about the viral dance delusion "In My Feelings" in the video below!

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