Drake wears many hats – he's a rapper, actor, Global Ambassador for the Raptors, and also TV manager. He is the executive producer of HBO's Euphoria with Zendaya debuting on Sunday. In a recent interview with TMZ, Algee Smith, a star in the series, revealed that Drake was on the set a few times and was quite generous.

Drake is the gift that goes on and on, be it through his Mem-capable moments on the sidelines of a canola game or through pouches. Smith revealed that Drizzy hosted a massive closing party for the cast and crew of Euphoria which earned everyone a small bonus. "Drake has been on the set a couple of times, he's thrown us a closing party, he's just revealed ̵

1; I'm not going to say how much bread he gave away, but he gave away some money at the graduation party," he said. "It was fierce, you know, you could buy some cars, let's just say that," he said. His generosity goes beyond the cast and crew of Euphoria. Following the legendary victory of the Raptors against the Warriors that brought Toronto their first championship franchise history, the rapper decided to celebrate with rap and non-rape fans with two new tracks. The rapper announced the release of "Omereta" and "Money In The Grave" with Rick Ross. Keep your eyes open.